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I'll jump right in... I'm interested in the brotherhood. My concern is in whether I believe in a Supreme Being as per the requirements.

I was born Catholic, became a born again Christian... and now my obsession with world history has me thinking differently.
When I started learning about the Sumerians and Mesopotamia along with the timeline of mankind on earth my view towards organized religion changed drastically. Add all the theories and such from Zietgiest and ancient aliens... and I'm even more uncertain about who I am as a species.

I cannot deny the dogma of which my family instilled. I still believe it's better to help a man vs hinder him. Kindness, understanding, humility, integrity, character, truth, justice... These are too ingrained to stray from.

Additionally, I took oceanography classes in college, the birth of mankind coming from the sea has its place, but I still feel something/someone intervened to make us what we are.

That said, I cannot define my belief. Perhaps I haven't the vocabulary to express it, but I'm conflicted wondering if asked, could I say I believe in God, Supreme Being, Aliens,Time Travelers, or anything else. It used to be an easy answer. Now, not so much.

Thank you

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Dec 13, 2015
Supreme being
by: Fred

The requirements for masonry include a belief in a Supreme being. That is as far as the specificity goes. If you can not truthfully answer "yes" if asked, you will most likely be disqualified

Dec 14, 2015
Just three questions
by: Lan

1. Do you believe in a Supreme Being?

2. Do you believe that that Supreme Being has made His will known to mankind?

3. Do you believe that that Supreme Being will punish vice and reward virtue?

Three yes-or-no answers are required. Explanations, details, qualifications and shades of grey are not accepted. Yes or No?

If you can answer Yes to all three, you fit the bill (that part of it, anyway) and nobody will ask further questions re religion on your faith.

Hope this makes things clearer.

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