What's the mason relationship/ dating rules

by Inquisitive
(Louisiana )

My boyfriend I and started dating in 2018 he had a,stroke about 2 months into us getting to know each other...i stepped in as if we had been together for a while. I took care of his dog and neglected mine while he was in the hospital..wjen he got better I worked 2 jobs bc I didn't want him to feel taken advantage of or used so o made sure I could/would be able to take care of myself and other things. I moved in with him but now it's going on our 3rd year of being together things are strange and weird... it's been at least 3or 4 women I've had to deal with but I have forgiven him on each incident and he doesn't want to marry me. I thought things were going great after all the events we have been to together and the wsy we was giving really great. He can talk about fat ppl ugly ppl broke folk and the gays or lesbians but when I want to talk serious about us he gets evasive and defensive then tell me he process things differently and clam up. There's a lot more to this story but I think I've typed enough for now
I'm confused upset and tired can anyone

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Jul 20, 2020
Very sorry, but...
by: Bob

...what does this have to do with Freemasonry?

It sounds like you have been a good friend to him and things seem very hard for you, but this situation really has no relation to the Craft. We encourage our members to behave honourably and to treat all people fairly. Beyond that, there’s little I can say relating to your issue.

I do hope things improve for you both.

Jul 21, 2020
Masonic dating rules
by: Fred

Hello, and thank you for your question.

Like Bob, I’m confused. Nothing in your narrative relates to freemasonry, unless you are trying to allude that your boyfriend is a Mason.

There are no "rules" to dating Freemasons, we’re people like everyone else, our lives outside of our Masonic lodges are our own, and yes, we do, unfortunately, get men who are not always the best in character concerning their private lives.

Our fraternity tries to "make good men better," by reenforcing the moral lessons that we learn in life. There is no secret life formula taught. It’s up to each man to live up to Masonic precepts.

Sorry this is so vague...

Fred :.

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