What is the freemason society keeping secret?

by Lacey Janell Fletcher
(Ely, Minnesota, USA)

There is obviously something that is worth keeping a secret from the world? I know that the Freemason's are not a secret society but you are a society with many secret's.

There are many symbol's I have seen in place's all over the world. Some of them are from ancient hieroglphic's from pyramid's to stonehenge's to temple's. Now the symbol's in these place's differ from each other but they actually very much resemble each other. They reveal things like; pictograph's, numerical cordinate's and code's, stories, myth's, and many other things. Your main symbol turn's into a pyramid, now why do you suppose that? Coinsident? Maybe but I see it corrisponding to the secret's of the great pyramid's. I think that you guys made your symbol that way to corelate with the pyramid's.

The greatest fromation's in the world are pyramid's, like the giza, and the king and queen's pyramid's. They all tell a story about their great accomplishment's, but it also tells us stories of helicoptor's(or hovering machine's), ufo's, and visitor's that wore space sute's. And one of the greatest mysteries is in the sphinx. There is a corridor that lead's to a room that has not been able to be opened. Now what is in that room? That is the main question. There are guess's to what lies past that door, like a power so great that it will be revealed at some point in our live's. Many scholar's and archeologist's think that it hold's power that is to great for the human race and therefore it is being hidden until it is time to be revealed to us. Many people think that this great power corrispond's to the ancient myian people from Atlantis, which was believed to have destroyed their people and so it was hidden. So again this brings me to my main question why are you hidding something?

You have lodge's positioned in every city across the world, like you are positioning yourselve's and waiting for some event to happen that will change the human race. There are alot of thing's that you are hiding and I would just like to know the truth which I know I probably wont get from you? There are secret's that I think that you are hiding that corrispond to us as a human race and that would change the way that we evolve or the way that we bring the earth to a crashing halt. I have many theories and alot of them are just that but many of my theories come from fact's that point to us as a human race at one point in time being a very powerful race and then scwondered that power which altimatley brought us to our demise and so it was hidden from us but only to resurface again one day and I think that might be the ultimate secret that is being hidden from us. You tell me?

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Sep 08, 2014
Not so mysterious
by: Lant

I think you need to sit back and relax. Coincidences happen all the time. We in the human race are hard-wired to look for patterns; it's what got us off the savannah and into ruling the world. Sadly, we try to find patterns even when they're not there and wind up creating them in our own minds instead.

Look at a couple of things you say and put them into context.

"You have lodge's positioned in every city across the world, like you are positioning yourselve's and waiting for some event to happen that will change the human race."

In every city across the world... Like there are banks in every city? Boy Scouts? Newspapers? Book clubs? Yes, we're wide-spread, but that doesn't mean we're lurking in the darkness for the apocalypse. It just means we're popular.

As to our great symbol, yup, both a mason's square and a pair of open compasses define more-or-less triangular shapes and so does a pyramid. But so do spruce trees, some clusters of stars and hot peppers. Snowflakes are comprised of triangles. It's nothing more than coincidence and that hardly links mathematicians, carpenters, sculptors and navigators (all of which use similar tools) with the Egyptian pyramids, either.

We really have very few real secrets. There are times I really wish we had a bunch somewhere to please those who keep scratching for them.

The ultimate secret? It lies in you. It's up to each of us - including you personally - to make ourselves better individuals. That's the purpose of Freemasonry. You don't have to believe that, but it's the truth.

Sep 08, 2014
Well said...
by: Tim

Thank you Lant. Well said and much appreciated.


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