What is the first step to join?

by LaDerrius
(Birmingham, Alabama, USA )

I've been curious in the past when i was in the military and have researched and talked to a couple of actual Masons which help confirm my wanting into the brotherhood.I am looking for the first step of the joining procces.

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Feb 03, 2016
First step
by: Fred

Not to sound flippant, but you just took the first step.

The first step is asking. 2B1ASK1
To be one, ask one.

Talking to Masons is fine, we will talk all day about the fraternity, but in most jurisdictions, we can not, and do not recruit members. A man seeking membership MUST ASK to join.

Now, contact a Lodge near you, find out their meeting night, this can be done over the internet, or by calling them, and go to the lodge, or to an activity that they host, and talk to the members. Request a petition.

I hope this helps

Fred :.

Feb 03, 2016
by: Lant

Fred's quite right; you've taken the first step.

The only thing I would suggest is that, if there is more than one lodge in your area, contact them both (all). Each lodge has its own style and you may be a better fit with one than with another. Once you get a sense for that, then ask for a petition for that one.

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