What Happens if Freemasons Secrets are Revealed?

by Nick
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

I don't really know much of anything about the Freemasons, only of a few conspiracy beliefs that my teacher talked over in class one day. I am in high school at (name of school removed for privacy).

Something that interests me since our class discussion is that my teacher said one conspiracy theory was that if a Freemason were to disclose and reveal the secrets of Freemasonry that he would come to a weird end. Like how one man was trampled to death by ten horses in the same week that he had revealed the secrets of the Freemasons.

I was kind of wondering if this was in any way true, in an altered way or not.

Also, do you have any idea why the Denver airport was painted white?? Only to blend in with the snow?

Thank you!

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Apr 30, 2010
No Shortage of Freemason Conspiracy Theories
by: Tim

Dear Nick,

Thank you for your very interesting question.

There is certainly no shortage of conspiracy theories surrounding the Freemasons. This is partly because of our long history, partly because it is nearly impossible to prove a negative, and partly because we actually do have secrets.

The origins of Freemasonry are lost in time. We know that modern day Freemasonry began with the founding of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1717 because records have been kept since that time. There are many clues and indications that an organization of masons existed long before that time, and our traditions reach back to the earliest of days. With such a long and yet uncertain history it follows that conspiracy theories will naturally spring up along the way. Conspiracy theorists have been making a pretty good living telling our secrets for thousands of years. Most of them die of natural causes.

To answer your question regarding a Freemason disclosing Masonic secrets is a little more complicated. As a Freemason I took upon myself certain obligations. One of which was that I would not, in any way, disclose any of the secrets that may be imparted to me. These secrets come in two flavors. There are Masonic secrets and then there are those secrets that my Brother Master Masons may choose to share with me. I promised that I would not disclose either. Naturally, as a man of honor, if a friend and Brother entrusts me with a secret I am going to keep it, provided it does not involve murder or treason. But, let's look at the Masonic secrets.

All the Masonic secrets have been published, publically portrayed, and discussed for centuries. They're all out there and easily found. I could, if I chose to, tell you where to find them. But, I will not tell you what they are because I solemnly promised that I would never do that. And yes, the obligations that I took do involve certain penalties should I break my promises. Some of the penalties are quite gruesome. But, I don't keep my promises out of fear of these penalties; I keep my promises because that's what an honorable man does.

Freemasonry uses allegory and symbols to teach and impress. The penalties of our obligations are designed to impress upon us the sincerity of our obligations, not to instill fear. So no, if a Freemason were to disclose Masonic secrets the fraternity would not conspire to bring about his untimely end. However, a conspiracy theorist might kill him and blame it on the fraternity. Just kidding.

(Continued next comment)

Apr 30, 2010
No Shortage of Freemason Conspiracy Theories (continued)
by: Tim

Now, I should probably take this explanation one step further. You'll note that I said "the 'fraternity' would not conspire to bring about his untimely end." Every organization has its zealots. No doubt there have been men in the fraternity who believed the penalties were to be taken literally. Were there men in the past who were punished for dishonoring their obligations? Quite possibly. Is it possible that were a modern day Freemason to violate his oaths he might find himself in regrettable circumstances? Perhaps. But in neither case would it be sanctioned by the Masonic fraternity or by Masonic teachings. It would be misguided men behaving badly under the guise of fraternal retribution. Men who wish to do harm can generally find a reason. The Masonic fraternity is made up almost entirely of honorable, trustworthy and gentle men, but we are men and men make mistakes.

In short, there is no definitive proof of any man ever coming to a weird end for divulging the secrets of Freemasonry, and there never will be.

I don't know why the Denver airport was painted white. Let's see, white is the color of light and Freemasonry is all about the search for more Light. You might be on to something there. I'll look into it and let you know if I discover anything interesting. Thanks again for your question.



Sep 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

the secret is what you make of it or what you get out of it

Apr 29, 2014
by: Anonymous

My father was a 32nd degree mason he ended up leaving due to realizing the occultness of the group. He told me 2 of the higher secrets including the 32nd secret. I divulged the secrets to a guy I worked with who probably blabbed. The company shortly after hired some new people who ended up bullying me and turning my colleagues against me. There were weird things that happened at my job that they also tried to blame on me. Anyway now I am unemployed and trying to figure out why I was ostracized.

Jul 13, 2014
So share, already
by: Anonymous

The dreaded "32nd Secret"...

Well, such 'secrets' as we have are hardly numbered, so it can't have been all that relevant. So convinced of that am I that I invite you to share it here and now, make it public, tell the world. Go nuts.

As for your situation, you claim that 1) you told a guy, then 2) people were hired, then 3) they treated you badly, then 4) you were blamed for some "weird" stuff, then 5) you got laid off. And you see a common thread running through those five events. And it's somehow Freemasonry...

Which means that the people were somehow hired to 'get' you, to punish you for having spilled the beans.

Have you any idea how paranoid that sounds?

Jun 30, 2015
What should I do?
by: Anonymous

My stepfather was or is a mason. I'm
Confused about that. He was a member of the Livingston lodge but he lied and went into initiation with the franklinton lodge and he also told me the entire oath and showed me the handshake(s) and he also told me certain questions on how to identify a mason. What should I do? I'm not telling anyone. I promise.

Jul 02, 2015
Nothing more for you to do...
by: John

Dear Anonymous,

There is nothing more you should do. We appreciate you keeping the things your stepfather told you to yourself. By improperly revealing these secrets your stepfather exposed himself as a man without honor. He will be dealt with as such.

Thank you.

Dec 22, 2015
It Happened To Me .'. It Can Happen To You
by: Anonymous

They are also ruining the economy to trigger an elimination of the America
as we know it, so they can round up, and exterminate everyone who knows too
much. They caught me once. In 1959 my buddy and I met a homeless banished
ex-lodge member. He told us all the big secrets. In 1962 I wrote them in a
high school term paper, got a 98% for it, graduated with honors, and joined the
Meanwhile, the instructor of that class sold my term paper in the term paper
black market, the wrong people read it, they hired detectives to hunt me down,
and they zeroed in on me in the Army. They gave me Hell, the Clockwork Orange
treatment, by large doses of LSD, while being forced to watch horrible films of
human torment.
But before doing that, they bragged to me how powerful they were: the modern
"conspiracy theory". Before the modern conspiracy theory, the "conspiracy
theory" was that rich Jews controlled the world's economy. I wrote a twenty page
report and mailed it to the John Birch society, in 1972. Then the John Birch
society published what I sent them which became the modern conspiracy theory.
The Clockwork Orange treatment I was given, by large doses of LSD, went
much further than they expected. Not only did I live the torments of all the
people in the films they showed me, I lived the times, when I saw them, of every
person and animal I had seen, even in the movies and on TV. After that life I
found myself back in time, back in Valley Forge Army Hospital where it happened
again, but, I also body switched into the bodies of all I had seen in that life,
for the periods of time I had seen them. Then the life after that, I was able to
remember some of the mistakes I made the last time around.
On September 17, 1970 I got stung by a bumble bee, while I was deep in the
forest. I am allergic to bees, and soon I passed out, waking up, what seemed
instantly, six hours later. This turned out to be a great blessing, for the next
time around, after another life time, I woke up back where I had passed out from
the allergic reaction. But, I had great mind power there and used it to defend
myself, but later, got so much mind power that my every thought manifested as my
reality, and I couldn't handle it. I ended up body switching again, and found
myself back in Valley Forge Army Hospital, and started again from there.
This series of pairs happened 36 times, giving me an existence as who I
am, for over 5000 years, by going backward and forward in time so many times.
This was done to me for printing in a term paper what a banished lodge ex-member
told me, which can be put in medical terms today in one sentence,
So, even though I was threatened to be put in Hell permanently, each time,
I have done everything in my power to spread these secrets. Here is another
example: We are drawn to the probability timeline resonant to our thought, by the
attractive force of inductive resonance. Vagal stimulation wakes up the brain to
more than the normal 10% brain use. This means 10% brain use at any one time,
like, an MRI shows the most used parts of the brain by patches of colored light,
but, these move around, so that we average 10% brain use, if we are "normal".
But, with 10% brain use or less we must earn what we get; 20% to 29%, an
appropriate ritual will get us what we want; 30% to 39%, writing down what we
want will get it; 40% to 49%, saying what we want will get what we want: "If you
have the faith of a mustard seed and SAY to this mountain move, it shall be
moved", you go to the timeline where the mountain is elsewhere. But, 50% is the
tipping point to every thought manifesting as your reality.
Dr. Hugh Everett found these probability timelines, sideways in time, but,
he failed to call this direction a dimension. Dr. Albert Einstein defined time
to be the fourth dimension, for science. Dr. Hugh Everett could have defined
this direction sideways in time to be the fifth dimension, but, he didn't,
probably pressured not to due to this being the secret of sorcery, probability
Dr. Lisa Randall defined that direction through the variously bent
timespaces to be the fifth dimension, for science, leaving the direction
sideways in time to be the sixth dimension, but, it hasn't been officially
established in formal science.
Waking up the brain to higher percentages of brain use accesses globally
bent timespace. It puts a field of globally bent timespace around us and in us,
but fortunately, without the gravitational component. It does this by virtue of
will times imagination being the power of the mind, just as force times velocity
is power in mechanics, voltage times current is power in electricity, and
temperature times entropy production rate is power in thermodynamics.
Psychiatrists will admit to each other that this power of the mind is caused
by entropy production rate, EPR, because more than 10% brain use is called
"psychosis". The psychiatric establishment in the Western world is a secret
society, and have also signed a contract of secrecy for the cartel of secret
It is a mathematical fact that the more links there are between the neurons
of the brain, the higher the percentage of brain use. Real schizophrenia, is
caused by the gene DISC1,
causing the growth of more axons and dendrites between the
neurons of the brain. If every neuron were linked to every other neuron, there
would be 100% brain use. There are some schizophrenics with over 50% brain use,
catatonic, but who's entity is body switching in perinatal matrix three, Hell.
But, anyone can cause the growth of extra axons and dendrites by memorizing
tables of correspondences, like in Crowley's "Book 777", and in Barrett's
"Magus". The first thing that magical secret societies have their neophytes do is
to memorize such tables of correspondences. Later they have them do rigorous
pranayama, without telling them how it works. Finally the supreme secret is
revealed, that can be put in dignified medical terms today: "VAGAL STIMULATION
The entropy of the universe being the proportion of photons to nucleons
(Nucleons of exact opposite polarity cancel out into photons, when brought
together), reveals that entropy production rate, EPR, is polarity cancellation
By promoting the fast cancellation of opposite polarities, like by putting
opposite polarities in a conductive electrolyte, like copper dissolved into
copper acetate in salt and white vinegar, (The iron in the cytochromes of
every cell is magnetically polarized counterclockwise in males, and clockwise in
females), the field of globally bent timespace around it, when entered, will
cause higher percentages of brain use.
Such a device, called a "shekinah", has been known to "freak out" a whole
building of people just by being hid in a closet. This is the alchemical secret, for,
by putting base metals in this solution, when, with a high EPR is called "the
medicine of metals", will change the metal into gold and other metals,
that will be fluid in that solution
so that they can be separated by gravity or inertia while still fluid, yet you
can safely put your hand in this solution, that is, I did, and there is nothing
wrong with me.
Finally, I figured out how to get out of this Hellish cycle. I must have
been in perinatal matrix three when I died to go back to Valley Forge Army
Hospital. I must have been in perinatal matrix two to go back to September 17,
1970. Next time, I must die in perinatal matrix one or in no perinatal matrix
whatsoever. To understand these terms, you may go to http://www.holotropic.com
and buy "The Adventure of self Discovery" by Dr. Stanislav Grof. I read on the
internet that Dr. Grof took a little ketamine and thereby relived the torments
of all the prisoners of Auschwitz. You know what happened to him? He had put
people through the Clockwork Orange treatment in communist Czechoslovakia, and
now his evil karma came back to him.
What did I do for such evil to come upon me, when I was a teen ager. The
Bible says, "The sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons". In the one
substance motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to
move out of the way and fill in behind. That is how karma comes back to us, even
the karma associated with our genetics. The best thing to do is to find a way
out of it. To become nonexistent.
There are two things in the universe: energy; and, information, which is
the conformation of energy. Energy is God. Being only information we can become
nonexistent. Nothing in the Bible says we are immortal, rather, Satan in Eden
did say "You shall never die". The immortality of the soul dogma is Satanic. The
Bible also says,
"The soul that sinneth shall die", "No man can keep his soul alive", and, "Only
He (God) is immortal".

Mar 06, 2016
by: Tharn

Of all that, the part I find easiest to believe is that LSD is involved...

Nov 27, 2016
the Masons oaths
by: Anonymous

I found a textbook on the masons and the person that said that they won't kill someone for exposure is lying they are keeping their secrets true to themselves they took an oath and the oaths took by the masons are taken very seriously and I have not taken any oath for I'm not a mason and I'm not sure if I can be killed for exposing them but I'm sure they would make my life hell if they found out who I was for knowing the secrets I know but this oath they took is.

"I do most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear…
To have my throat cut across…
My tongue torn out by the roots…
And my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows in twenty-four hours…
"…should I ever knowingly or willingly violate this my solemn oath or obligation as an Entered Apprentice Mason. So help me God.

But my only question to you the masons is what are the pyramids in Egypt really built for and what was really found in the ark of the covenant? my main question is the first one about the pyramids that is the one that truly intrigues me.

Nov 28, 2016
by: Thane

I regret, my friend, that you have been misled. There are very old penalties in our oaths, true, but these are traditional only, dating back to the Middle Ages when such horrors were literal. These days, they are explicitly referred to as symbolic. Rest easy, for whether or not you are correct, your life is in no danger, nor will your existence be made a living hell. Meh - send it all. Truly - go for it.

Out of idle curiosity, I would be interested - and it's entirely up to you - in finding out what 'textbook' you refer to. I've read a bunch of them and there's not much reality in any of them.

As to the Pyramids and the Ark, who knows? The first were built 3,000 years ago and Freemasons were not around then. Theories abound, the most likely being tombs to bring eternal life to their kings. As to the latter, unless you believe in the Gospel of St Spielberg, it was probably carried off to Babylon in 587 BCE. We simply do not have it, sorry.

Jan 07, 2017
I was a Freemason
by: Anonymous

I said was. I do not care about Freemason Honor anymore. I have divulged every secret that my grandfather and Father and myself have learned. Fear not those that can do your body harm. I have done honorable thing and will continue to do so by bringing this Satanic order into the light. I feel sorry for you all. You are all lost. The Blind leading the Blind. I am currently writing a book . Names and facts will be clearly stated. I dont expect to hit the best sellers list but the truth might dissuade even one man from joining .

Jan 21, 2017
Go nuts
by: Tharn

Feel free. Shoot the works. Be our guest.

The whole world is so not caring.

Jan 24, 2017
'Freemason Honor' ?????
by: Tim

Dear Anonymous who claims he was a Freemason,

There's no such thing as 'Freemason Honor.' There is only honor. Honor is universal. Either you choose to live honorably or you don't. If, as you say, you have taken the obligation of a Master Mason and have chosen to break the promises you made in the presence of God you have no honor. However, as you claim our order to be satanic in nature I have no doubt that you were never a Mason. Go peddle your conspiracy crap somewhere else.

May 25, 2017
Believe it or not
by: Anonymous

There is talk, originating in another country, about adding a new tool to Freemasonry. This is validated by what already exists in the craft. This will generate a new "secret".............

May 29, 2017
by: Thane

Could you possibly be any more lacking in detail? "Somebody, somewhere, is considering doing something which would mean something unspecified." Amazing!

And, if it was to be true, so what? That has happened many times in Masonic history.

Sep 24, 2017
Walt Disney & Jaques de Molay
by: Anonymous

The Freemasons have no idea that the soul of Jaques de Molay is the same as Walt Disney and is a woman now. A very beautiful one from what I have seen.I tend to frequent the reincarnation community online and came upon her profile on facebook under Tiffany Donald (Madalyn)when she was making comments at one of the reincarnation websites. Her profile has a picture of Walt Disney on it with Lillian Disney but she has a photo of herself on one of her posts. Truthfully, I thought it was fake but she is very active in the spiritual community. It took quite some time to get through her profile and posts but it just really gave me the chills after. I am not sure if you guys were even aware as she just remains a Mystery at this point and kind of hidden. In my whole life I have never seen anything like this.I believe this woman is the first case of reincarnation that can be proven. It's looks like all of her lives were linked together. I was able to copy and paste her profile for you down below if you cannot find it. Feel free to take this down after you have read this. I was just researching Freemasons and some of her lives she listed and found this site.She also clearly states that she was in the De Molay when she was Walt and not a 33 degree Freemason and that Roy was the 33 degree. Is this true? So may false things written on the internet so I am guessing she is right since her soul knows who he/she is.


Nov 03, 2017
by: Thane

WRT reincarnation, this is not something Masonic. Not meaning to be rude, but any crackpot can claim they are the reincarnation of anybody. Were there some solid evidence, reincarnation might be of some real interest.

Nov 15, 2017
by: Anonymous

I’ve noticed how so much hate has appeared in these comments... mostly by those who are on the outside without true knowledge of Masonic Light. I’ll save my breath on asking the question, however, if you are a man, at least 21 years of age(in most jurisdictions) and are interested in joining a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons(FAM) or a Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons(AFAM), contact your a Lodge in your town and ask how to be a mason. 2B1ASK1! SMIB!

Apr 22, 2018
by: Anonymous

If I decide to stick my tongue out when i kiss a girl standing on the square of freemasonry...will she get pregnant?


Jun 06, 2018
Is this what passes for humour?
by: Jack

In your case, I think she's safe,

Jun 06, 2018
The Penalty
by: 484-472-3415

The mechanism of the punishment for revealing a Masonic secret is actually the quintessence of Masonic philosophy itself.............

Jun 21, 2018
Mason revealed
by: Anonymous

Hi there, someone close to me revealed that they were Masonic, not that he would tell me any of their secrets as he is honourable and I would never reveal them if he told me as I would like to think I am honourable, my question is why would he tell me ?

Jun 21, 2018
He wouldn't because he is honourable
by: Tharn

Does that answer your question?a

Jun 21, 2018
Mason revealed cont.
by: Anonymous

No good sir I meant why would he tell me he was Masonic, sorry for the misrepresentation of my wording I am Scottish lol

Jun 21, 2018
by: Tharn

Ah, sorry for misunderstanding.

Not knowing the circumstances, it's hard to say. On the other hand, there is no reason for him not to.

Jun 21, 2018
by: Anonymous

Ahh Ty for the feedback, I always had the understanding that masons hid themselves, and their secrets, this page has certainly clarified a lot for me, I didn't want to insult his honour by asking this to him, I should have just asked why lol,

Jun 21, 2018
No worries
by: Tharn

It's a fair question and thank you for having asked it. If we may clear up any other issues or questions, please feel free to ask.

Dec 26, 2018
Criminal records
by: Anonymous

If you have a misturmener domestic violence charge on your record would that automatically disqualify your from becoming a freemason?

Dec 26, 2018
Misdemeanor conviction
by: Thane

It would depend on the circumstances at the time, how long ago it was, what you have become since and so forth. In the end, it would be up to the lodge you are applying to to decide. Good luck.

Apr 16, 2019
You claim to honor this society
by: Anonymous

I seek knowledge and wisdom how may I seek it without becoming apart of any social club like the lodge mark you I learn alot about the lodge and what it about but I only want to know the truth about human past and what happen to us why are we punish by God by limiting man years of life to 70 years and other secret of the world like where Solomon city of gold

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