What do Freemasons do?

by Michael Klosinski
(Mishawaka, Indiana, USA)

My Grandfather was a Mason. I asked my father what he did. My dad told me that he never talked about it.
I have been researching the Freemasons and have noticed it around me everywhere. I can see they like the number 7 for some reason. I have a friend who is a Mason but will not talk or say anything when I ask him something. I understand it is a brotherhood but just by doing research on it, it goes back very far.
I noticed that some of these things go back and relate to the illuminati, Bush's skull and bones, etc. etc.
How hard would it be to become a Mason if my grandfather was a Mason? But, I do not have much history of my grandfather because he passed on before I got to know him. His name was Edward Klosinski, from Michigan City, Indiana.

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Feb 28, 2013
Freemason age
by: Anonymous

What does that mean when someone ask a Freemason for his age? How does the age thing goes in Freemason?

May 01, 2014
What do we do?
by: Tom

What do we do? Well, generally nothing too surprising. Some of our meetings are spent on general business like any other group - discussing the budget, introducing guests and such. Some of it is spent just enjoying the company of other like-minded men on the golf course, in a bar, over a meal, etc. basic guys stuff like any other group of men. Some of it is spent in philosophic study, for at the most basic, Masonry is about improving one's character.

Whether or not the number seven or skulls and such are part of Freemasonry is something we would not discuss. There are other groups for whom such symbols have meaning, but that does not mean there is or ever has been a linkage between them and the Craft.

As to your joining, if you got it, it would be because you merited it, not because of your grandfather.

You could write to the Grand Lodge of your state about your grandfather. They might be able to give you some basic info on his time in Freemasonry.

Jan 15, 2018
what freemasonry is NOT
by: Dr.S. Padilla Jr.,M.D., Past Master

I highly recommend that you go to any bookstore or library and read a soft-covered book entitled "Freemasons for Dummies" It may not define what Freemasonry is but will definitely show you what Freemasonry is NOT

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