What do Freemasons do?

There are movies about the Freemasons, books about Freemasonry, Web sites by and about Masons, but what is it exactly that Freemasons do?

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Nov 28, 2011
tell me
by: joseph donald

If this is not what ithought,then its so good.

Jan 03, 2015
Late reply
by: Tharn

What do we do? It's a fair question.

Freemasonry means maany different things to different Masons. For some, it's just a chance for social interaction. That's fine by us, although we would hope for more; they're still Masons and brothers.

An actual meeting is much like the meeting of any other group. The meeting is opened with non-denominational prayer. Guests are introduced and welcomed. Minutes are read and approved. Correspondence is read and discussed, amd so forth. Motions may be introduced on budget, etc. Finally, the meeting is closed with another non-denominational prayer.

The difference is the use of symbols and allegory to teach moral lessons. Our ultimate purpose it to make ourselves better morally and each time we go to lodge, those lessons are reinforced. A square, for instance, reminds a Mason so taught that he should treat all men 'on the square' - fairly, ie. A man wanting to be a better man is surrounded by other men with the same desire and reminded of how he should behave. It can be quite effective.

Commonly a light meal is served before or after.
A meeting might include a ceremony bringing a man into Freemasonry, in which case those lessons would again be stressed. Or it mght include a lecture on current affairs, on one of the more obscure Masonic symbols and its meaning or a speech from an outside expert,

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