What about the Masonic Goat?

by Lekenrick
(Greenville, Washington)

Do you have to ride a real goat during the Freemasonry rituals?

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Aug 03, 2010
You have to provide your own goat.
by: Tim

Just kidding.

Thank you for your question. The quick answer is that there is no goat, real or otherwise, in Masonic ritual.

The origin and history of the Masonic Goat is still being discussed by Masonic scholars. A Web search on the term, "history masonic goat" (without the quotes) will give you more reading on the subject than you could ever finish. Basically, it appears that the Masonic goat was simply a joke that caught on and continues to be perpetuated today, mostly by Freemasons who continue to find it funny.

There is, apparently, some evidence that the Odd Fellows and the Elks did use a goat as part of their initiation ritual. Over time this peculiar practice came to be associated with all secret societies. The phrase "Riding the goat," came to be synonymous with being initiated.

Today, candidates may still be teased about riding the goat prior to their initiation. While I can't say for certain that some fun-loving Brothers won't have a candidate ride a goat as a ruse, I can assure you that it is not a part of the Freemasonry rituals.

For a much deeper explanation of the history and meaning of "Riding the Goat" I recommend this page by the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon.

Thanks again for the question.



Dec 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

What would you feed the goat? And how many goats do u have to feed

Nov 23, 2014
you're dumb
by: Anonymous

You have to ride a live goat in the ritual of becoming a third degree mason.

Dec 10, 2014
by: Tharn

"You have to ride a live goat in the ritual of becoming a third degree mason."


I mean, honestly! That you would spread such a tattered old fable is indicative either of your gullibility or your desire to frighten the gullible.

If it matters, one theory of where that silly tale got started is that very early Freemasons, desirous not to offend members of any faith, termed the Almighty as "God of All Things'." Well-intentioned, but the easily-deluded took ithe acronym as a reference to a farm beast; the term was dropped 200+ years ago, but the foolish still cling to it.

Anyway, let's stick to reality, shall we? No goats, period.

Mar 07, 2015
Goat riding
by: Anonymous

OK but why they still have it (Goat Riding image) in masonic Scottish Rite Temple in Washington DC, if it doesn't symbolize something? These people don't do something for nothing.

Mar 13, 2015
You say so...
by: Tharn

Oddly, you are the first person I've ever sern claim that. Care to back it up with a link to an image?

If - if - there is such a picture, I would venture to say that it os indeed nothing but a joke - Masons laughing the themselves, much as a fairly well-known series of post-cards did in Edwardian England.

No goats.

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing an image of this alleged capital goat.

Oct 12, 2015
What is the Masonic Goat ?
by: Anonymous

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