Type of Masonic Lodges

by Lee Williams
(Killeen, TX)

If masonry is a brotherhood, why is there a blue lodge and a open lodge, one for whites and one for blacks?

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Feb 11, 2017
by: Just blue, I'm afraid

Every Mason starts with the first three degrees. The lodge room and some regalia in those degrees is generally colored light blue, hence the slang 'blue lodge' to refer to such a group. The proper term is 'Craft lodge'.

Open lodges? Not sure what you mean. In context, I'm not sure I've heard the term used. Lodges are 'opened', just as are meetings of town council or the PTA. Some places hold open houses from time to time, if that's what you mean.

Lastly, if you are referring to different lodges reserved for black men and white men, thankfully that is fading rapidly. Racial prejudice is a bit of history that most people these days would like to forget. It would be foolish to deny it sadly still exists to some degree and even more foolish to deny it ever did. All I can say is that racial segregation is against all principles of Freemasonry where I am. My lodge - I am proud to say - contains men of all colors, from over a dozen different nations.

Hope that helps.

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