The truth

by George

is the God of Freemasonry Lucifer
Why do freemasons take an oath when the Bible prohibits it

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Jul 28, 2021
by: Bob

Lucifer is not - not - 'the god of Freemasonry'. Period. Those who claim so are either foolishly misinformed or, shall we say, bending the truth.

As to oaths, if you are talking about James Ch V, think about that one in a 21st century context. One cannot become a citizen, serve as President of the United States, or as a senator or representative in any legislative body, enlist in the armed forces, serve as a judge or sheriff without swearing an oath to be honest and solid with the job. One cannot become a medical doctor or a lawyer without taking an oath. Boy Scouts take an oath. Would you care to comment on those or it is only Freemasons you feel should be bound by that injunction?

Aug 14, 2021
Not the truth
by: Fred

In short, you’re dead wrong. Your sources are wrong, their sources are wrong, etc. the TRUTH is that since Freemasonry is NOT A RELIGION, there is NO GOD of Freemasonry. That being said, ALL candidates MUST believe in a Supreme being, but we do NOT tell you who to believe in. Although not a religion, ALL Masonic oaths and obligations are made in the name of GOD!!! Freemasonry is solely based on the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. You will hear references to GOATU,…….it’s an achronym that’s an abbreviation for Great Architect of the Universe……you know GOD!!!! If you don’t know, say that you don’t know, and when you’re told accept the truth for what it if.

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