St. John the Baptist Day

by Patrica
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Why do Freemasons celebrate St. John the Baptist Day? Why not another saint? What is the connection of St. John to the Masons? Everyone has a different answer.

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Jul 05, 2010
The Two Saints John - Patron Saints of Freemasonry
by: Tim


Thank you very much for this excellent question.

St. John the Baptist was chosen as one of the two patron saints of Freemasonry because of the manner in which he lived his life. We are taught that he was a man of strength and uncompromising principles who lived a life of courage, humility and generosity. He was chosen, I believe, as an example of how we should endeavor to live our own lives.

St. John the Evangelist is the other patron saint of Freemasonry. He was chosen for similar reasons as was John the Baptist. John the Evangelist, we are told, carried on the work of John the Baptist as we are to carry on the good and beneficent works of others, and perpetuate those good and beneficent works to future generations.

We do not know who chose these particular saints, or precisely when they were chosen. So, we can not state with any authority why they were chosen. But, based on what we know of their character I believe there could have been no better choice.

If you would like more information on the two Saints John and their relationship to Freemasonry you might find our John the Baptist page interesting.

Thanks again for the question.



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