So you say Masons have nothing to do with the Illuminati?

by Afiya

What would happen if a mason did reveal the things he learned in the freemasonry?

And what do you all actually do for people that's positive?

Is there some oath you have to take in the Freemasonry?

What age do you all accept people?

How come females aren't allowed to join?

And, you all claim you aren't associated with the illuminati; then why does it seem like it?

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Mar 23, 2015
Hope this helps
by: Tharn

What would happen? Well, he might be reprimanded or expelled. That's it. Those famous old bloody penalties are completely symbolic. Probably the rest of the lodge members wouldn't have much to do with him thereafter.

Positive things? Well, a fair bit of charity, for one thing. The Shriners run a couple of dozen free hospitals. There are grants for medical research, bursaries and scholarships. Support for the deaf. Etc. As Freemasonry is a system of moral self-improvement, individual Masons are made better at a personal level.

Yes, there is an oath.

The minimum age varies,but it's generally on the order of 21 years old.

Women joining... Freemasonry is a fraternity, a group for men, in the same fashion that Girl Guides, university sororities, all-female gymnasiums and so forth are for women only. There are women-only clubs, tours, cruises and professional associations. And that's all fine, but this one is all-male.

Why do we seem like the Illuminati? Well, let's turn that question around. Why do *you* think Freemasons are like what internet hucksters have told you the (actually long-dead) Illuminati are supposed to be? What evidence do you have - real evidence?

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