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MASONSMART.COM - Freemasonry Information and Masonic Bling
In Freemasonry we endeavor to dispel the darkness and reveal the Light within. 

The Freemasons Secrets - Can you handle the truth?
You want the truth? Freemasons Secrets revealed by a 32° Mason. Can you handle the truth?

Smart Masons Shop Masons Mart
Whether you're searching for more Light, a special gift for a Brother or Sister, or just looking to add to your collection Masons Mart has it all. 

Masonic Clipart - Index
Free to use Masonic clipart, symbols and graphics: Blue Lodge, Scottish, York, Shrine, OES, and more. 

Masonsmart - Freemason Conspiracy Comments | Discussions
Occasionally we receive comments, questions and rants on Freemasonry and the Freemason Conspiracy. We enjoy them and thought you might too. Feel free to join the discussion. 

Freemason Symbols - study, understand, value
Freemason symbols are used as an esoteric language among Masons, for a symbol without understanding is meaningless. You can demystify Masonic symbols if you are willing... 

Freemasons Working Tools
Freemasonry uses the implements of operative masonry to teach moral and ethical lessons, but these are only the beginning of the Freemasons Working Tools.

Famous Freemasons
Throughout history there have been many famous Freemasons, including several Masonic Presidents. 

Freemason Ritual Techniques
Freemason Ritual Techniques for Masons Everywhere. 

Masonic Funeral Service
Conducting the Masonic Funeral Service for the family of a deceased Brother is both an honor and a duty of all Freemasons.

Masonic Funeral Planning
Don't leave your family or your lodge to wonder what you would have wanted. Make Masonic funeral planning a part of your final wishes. 

Masonic News & Events in today's headlines
Masonic News and Events including Scottish Rite, Shrine, Order Eastern Star and Blue Lodge Freemasonry.

Masonic articles, speeches, toasts and scholarly papers
Your portal to more Light - an index of Masonic articles, recommended Masonic books, and a sprinkling of toasts and poetry. 

Masonic Videos on MASONSMART.COM
Some of the best Masonic videos found on the Web with real answers to real questions from real Masons. 

Joining Freemasons
A description of the process of joining the Masonic fraternity.

Our Newsletter: Masonic News & Views
Links to back issues of our reward winning newsletter that includes Masonic topics as well as tales from the CowChows.

Links to Freemason Information, Masonic Grand Lodges and Masonic Organizations
Links to sites providing Freemason information, Grand Lodges of the U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom, and other Masonic Organizations and Masonic research sites. 

Plain Truth About Freemasons
Got a question about Freemasonry? Curious about joining the Freemasons? Join in the discussions and help us answer the many questions we receive at

Your Masonic Tattoo
Proud of your Masonic ink? Share it with the world. Upload up to four images and tell us the story of your Masonic tat. While you're at it give some props to your tattoo artist. Include their Web address and maybe we can share the love.

Upcoming Masonic Events in Missouri
Announcements of special Masonic events and communications in Missouri including Masonic Lodges, Abou Ben Adhem Shrine, Valley of Joplin AASR, York Rite Bodies of Springfield, Order of the Eastern Star, DeMolay, Rainbow for Girls, and Jobs Daughters. 

Masonic Calendar - Southwest Missouri
Masonic Calendar of events and gatherings in Southwest Missouri. 

Map of Masonic Lodges in Missouri
Here's a GoogleMap to help you find a Masonic Lodge to visit while you're in the area. 

John the Baptist, Patron Saint of Freemasonry
John the Baptist and John the Evangelist are the two patron saints of Freemasonry.

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We welcome your comments, ideas, suggestions or concerns. By all means contact us. 

Masonsmart is a labor of love born from a sincere wish to study, understand, and communicate the teachings, tenets, and beliefs of Freemasonry.

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