Sisterhood of the Rose

by Chillay

Are the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Order of the Eastern Star the same or similar? My great Grandfather was a Freemason and as such enabled my sister and I to be part of Job’s Daughter’s. We were not in it long, as our family dynamics changed drastically. While we had no real concept of what this could do for us, I find now that I am being led back to this path. It’s innate. I wish to join the craft. I already follow the light. I’m in Pennsylvania and would love to reach out to begin this journey yet again. Any Suggestions?

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Mar 29, 2018
Sisters of the rose
by: Fred

Good afternoon and thank you for your question.
As I have never heard of the group, I did some research. There is very little on them, but I don’t think they’re Masonic. They’re not listed in any Masonic reference I’ve searched.

I hope this helps

Fred Boas :.

Mar 30, 2018
Deeper Research
by: Chillay

Thank you, Fred, for your response. Your time is appreciated.
Like most societies, they take different forms throughout many lifetimes.
In my research, the Sisterhood of the Rose dates back to a PreBiblical/Biblical time period. Pertaining specifically to Isis, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene. Essentially, The Divine Feminine. There is no documentation to support the group in this early stage. Therefore it was labeled as a mythical group.
However, in its original, documented form they were the feminine counterpart to the Order of the Templars. Not to be confused with the Knights/Dames Templar but to be associated with the Order itself.
In my deeper research I have found them to be associated with Freemasonry on many occasions. (As well as the Rosicrucians) There are a considerable amount of similarities within the symbolism as well.
This is where my curious stems from.

Apr 01, 2018
by: Anonymous

No offense intended, but everything I have been able to find indicates that the 'Sisterhood of the Rose' is a fairly recent group which might fairly be dubbed 'New Age'.

Nothing I have been able to find shows any link whatever between it Freemasonry.

As to the Knights Templar, those scholarly works I have read mention nothing about a female sub-order or associated female group. There *are* numerous references to such on the web on sites maintained by groups claiming to be Templar-related, but the cold hard fact is that the Order was essentially exterminated in the early 1300s. No modern group (including a Masonicly-legitimate concordant body calling itself the Knights Templar) have any real tie to the original body. Any such claims might reasonably be taken with more than one grain of salt.

Two caveats to that. First, if you would be good enough provide references or links to sources you say you found in your research, I would be interested to investigate further. Second, there have been many groups claiming to be Masons or linked to Freemasonry. Those claims you say you have found might be to one of those irregular associations, ones we do not accept as regular.

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