Secrets about Freemasonry?

by Richard Barao
(Mt. Vernon, NY, USA)

Can you tell me any secrets about freemasonry? Please

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Feb 11, 2017
by: Fred

Good morning Richard,
Thank you for your question. The standard answers are: The real secret of Masonry is making good men better, which is absolutely the truth, or the standard abswrvthstvthere are no Masonic secrets, which is also true. Both leave the asker more confused about us, and what we are all about. Let me see if I can clear things up. Masonry uses symbolism to teach men who join the fraternity, lessons for life. These symbols are also meant to reinforce the lessons taught. As in any fraternity, we use "secret" passwords, grips, or phrases, to verify that we are indeed members of the fraternity. The "secrets" are simply "members only" information. Something that you would need to join to learn. In reality, like anything else, it's someplace on the internet, so it's indeed really not secret. Each Mason takes an oath not to reveal the "secrets", what a grip is called, its reference in Masonry, or what it means, the reason for this oath is trust. We take a brother, which a man who goes through the degrees truly becomes, at his word, that he will not share the information. If I can't trust your word to keep the information to yourself or within the "craft", as it's referred, how can I trust you to be the master of my lodge, which is the goal, at least once, of most Masons. I hope this has helped, and I now defer to the other brothers who post here to add more information as I know they will. Good luck, and thank you for your interest.

Fred :.

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