Pledging greek sororities and OES

by Nicole
(silver spring, md)

I have friends that pledged Black greek sororities while in college and then joined OES after. I did not pledge in college, but am still interested in joining a graduate chapter of a black greek sorority. I also always planned on attempting to join OES and I have the opportunity to do so right now. Is joining OES and then a greek organization later on frowned upon? I guess I always looked at sororities/fraternities as stepping stones and this would sort of be going backwards.

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Dec 11, 2018
Shouldn't be a problem
by: Lant

Thanks for your question. The OES is not technically part of Freemasonry and to get a firm answer, you should probably address your question to them. However, from my perspective:

Unlike some other groups, we do not limit membership in other groups. There is a caveat to that, which is that we do insist on a moral character and it would be most difficult to be happy about somebody being both a Freemason and a member of, say, the Hell's Angels. (Yes, an extreme example, but still..._

I would hardly characterize a college sorority as being in conflict with the aims and goals of OES, so (as a non-member) I can't see any problem.

Again, you should probably ask somebody in OES for a more definitive opinion.

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