My Square and Compasses Tattoo

by Kirk
(Tarpon Springs, FL.)

The stencil

The stencil

I'd been considering getting a tattoo for a few years, but could not decide just what I wanted for a tattoo..... Then one day my fiancée and I saw a picture of a Masonic tattoo and I knew, THATS WHAT I WANT!!!

So I began to research online different styles and Masonic themed tattoos.. I couldn't find the exact one I had in mind, but did find several that had certain pieces I liked. I was able to take a few pictures down to the Atomic Tattoos in Palm Harbor, FL. and got Jeremy to draw the one I had in my mind by combining those pieces.

He did a fantastic job and I'll be going back!! I'm thinking of the Knights Templar "Crown and Cross" for my next one. :-)

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