My father, a Mason, passed away. I am his daughter and have the charm. Can I wear it?

by Liz
(Pgh, PA)

Hi! My father was a Mason and very proud of this. Although, he never discussed the Masons, his pride was clear in his multiple rings, tie clip, and a necklace charm. To honor this, the Masonic symbol is on his head stone.
My brother was given his rings. I have his charm. Forgive my ignorance. But is it at all appropriate for a daughter to wear her father's Masonic charm to show her pride in her father and his beliefs? I have very little of my father's possessions, and the charm makes me feel close to him.
Thank you,
PS: Is it correct that the "G" stands for God?

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Nov 12, 2018

by: Bob

First off, sorry for the delay. The owner of this site, Tim, has been having some serious family problems.

I am not sure what you mean by 'charm'.

Strictly speaking, something indicating membership in Freemasonry (or any other group) should be worn only by the member. I will say however that I think it is rather sweet of you to want to remember your father like this. Condolences on your loss, ma'am.

Nov 27, 2018
You honour your father
by: lcenter

Your request is not all that odd and less problematic really than a son who is not a Mason wanting to wear his father's ring. While it has been stated that jewelery indicating membership in the Craft should only be worn by members, it is at the end of the day only jewelery. Wearing a ring or a necklace doesn't make yo a Freemason.

It would be instantly clear to the informed observer that you were not a member of the Craft, and hopefully they would approach the subject with respect, and enquire why you wore the "jewel". You have not described the "jewel", but I am thinking it's a square and compasses, the universal emblem of Freemasonry.

This enquiry, could then lead to discussion about your father, his love of the Craft, and your love for him. No Freemason in his right mind could find fault in your actions.

A case could be made, that similarly to heraldry, a woman cannot bear the coat of arms of her father, which can only be passed down to male heirs, but a woman can be a "heraldic heiress" and hold the arms for her son if she eventually has one, who then can inherit the arms.

Such, it could be argued might be your case. You could wear your father's jewel, and someday your son will ask about it (as was my own personal history many many years ago) which would then spark a conversation and an interest in Freemasonry, and perhaps lead to a young man following in his Grandfather's footsteps and joining the Craft.

I feel if you want to wear the jewel to honour your father, then do so, it will do more good than harm.


Les Center, HSGW
Past Grand Superintendent
The Grand Lodge of Scotland A. F. & A. M.

Nov 28, 2018
Your father's Masonic charm
by: Tim

Hello Liz,
and thank you for visiting Masonsmart.

Please accept our condolences on the passing of your father and our Masonic brother.

In some Masonic jurisdictions, it is considered appropriate for the wife or daughter of a Mason to wear or otherwise display a Masonic symbol. I would suggest that you follow your heart. No true Mason will fault you for wanting to honor your father's memory. However, if you want to be clear on the position of the Masonic jurisdiction of which your father was a member I might also suggest that you contact the Grand Lodge of that jurisdiction and ask them. Either way, as my learned brother states above, the charm/jewel is yours to do with as you wish. I'm just glad to know that it will not wind up in a flea market or garage sale. Thank you for that.

With kind regards and best wishes,


Jan 03, 2019
Rainbow Girl
by: Anonymous

My father and mother were very active in shriners, masonic lodge and eastern star. I was a rainbow girl and earned the Grand Cross of Colors. My parents have both passed away and I have all of their masonic jewels. I would like to wear my fathers masonic lapel pin or my mother's eastern star lapel pin. They were both past worthy patron and matron in Eastern Star. As a member of the masonic youth organization, can I wear their jewelry in honor of them?

Jan 06, 2019
Thank you for all of your wonderful answers
by: Elizabeth

I would like to thank all of you who answered. Just reading your words made me feel close to my father, and your kindess exudes why my father must have taken part in your organization.
I guess charm wasn't the correct word. It is a pendant that goes on a necklace I wish to wear. I am my father's only biological child. My brother who has the rings is my father's adopted son, although my father loved him as his own.
I love the suggestion of passing the item to a child, but unfortunately God did not bless me with any children.
I do know one of the men that is a part of my father's lodge who I truly believe wouldn't mind at all if I wore it. My father lived in a small town, just outside of Pittsburgh. His orginal lodge has long since closed and merged with another. There doesn't seem to be much interest in the Masons and like organizations from today's youth. Wearing his pendant seems it not only will keep my father's memory alive but the memory of the organization he loved. I'm not sure if I will wear it or not, as I surely don't want to offend anyone. I can guarantee no matter what I decide, it will be kept safe, not at any flea market, pawn shop, or anything of the like. It will remain with me as a reminder of my father's life values of integrity,honesty, and doing what is just. Thank you, Elizabeth

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