Memorization in Freemasonry?

by William

Hello,. I am currently in contact with a member of the Masons about the possibility of becoming a member. I learned there is a certain amount of memorization required as one progresses through the degrees. I am not the best at memorization. I want to succeed in my endeavors to be a Mason but what if I fall to memorize what is required of me? I am willing to study and do my absolute best but I fear of failing. How should I approach this concern. Thank you in advance.

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Jun 09, 2017
by: Thane

Yours is a fairly common question. Memory is like muscle, I think in that one needs to exercise it to get it to work. Some will always be better than others, but we can all do far more than we initially suspect.

You will not be alone when you are learning. There are normally other Masons learning with you and most lodges will assign a coach.

Hope that helps.

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