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Have you taken that next step and gotten a Masonic tattoo? Whether as a rite of passage, for individual spiritual reasons, or just because it looks good, more and more of our Masonic Brethren are getting inked. It's a great fraternity and wearing our symbols with pride is a long and standing tradition.

We'd like to invite you to share your Masonic body art with the world. Use the form below to tell the story of your Masonic tattoo and then upload some pics so that we can all appreciate your ink.

You can also check out the Freemasonry tattoos that others have contributed, leave comments, and even rate them in comparison with others you've seen.

Proud of your Masonic Ink? Show it off!

Do you have a great Masonic tattoo that you want to share with the world. Be our guest!

Tell us the story of your Masonic Ink, and if you want to give props to the artist feel free to include information about them.

You can upload up to four images of your Masonic tattoos. So go ahead, share the love.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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New Zealand Mason 
After coming across Masonic tattoos on the internet I gathered a few images I liked and did a draft of what I wanted the final design to look like. Kurt …

Masonic art 
My tattoo is not completely finished. I still need to have color added.

Kevin's 1/2 sleeve Masonic tattoo  
Artist Konstantin Nossachev

Square & Compass / Shrine tattoo  
I'm very proud and happy with my tattoo.

Scottish Rite Double Eagle 
I've wanted this tattoo for a couple years. I wanted the symbol to "come alive". I gave the artist several reference photos of real Eagles, and this is …

NC Tattoo 
Simple, self designed

Found in my Masonic Bible this represents the Self imposed boundaries and squaring things in my life

pretty nuts huh

Masonic Square & Compass  
The tattoo is by Mason Williams of ArcLight Tattoo Studio in Cincinnati,OH

to strive for mastery in life (1/ ∞ ) 
my first (age 28) - a assignment for life Kassel, Germany Nov2014

C&S rip 
First tattoo, done at age 57, earlier this year. Done at Empire Tattoo in Somers Point, NJ, by tattoo artist Wayne. The tattoo is based on one that …

Masons inside and out 
When I was 13 I tried to put a tattoo on my arm and as you can imagine it was not a pretty site, so for the last 50 years I have had this on my arm trying …

Larry Walton 
Did not see many Masonic Ink around where I live and I am not a ring person so chose Ink Hope you like it

Some Paintings and tattoo ideas 
These are a few of my watercolors that i have painted since being Raised...

Square and Compoasses on a Brother From Eastgate 
Brother Shawn Newton of Eastgate lodge requested a S&C's on his right arm after being raised I obliged him.

On The Level 
This Tattoo was done on the youngest Master Mason in the State of Florida. He was brought before the Grand Lodge in 2011.

Greetings traveling men and to all others. I have been in the Craft for 9 years now and counting. I live it. I speak on it. I learn from it. I love …

All Seeing Eye 
Got the tattoo from a Brother Mason who owns a tattoo shop. His shop is called High Street Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio.

My tattoo is pretty simple. It is on my left forearm (my right already had ink). It is the compass and square inside of a Firefighter Cross. The colors …

Masonic Om 
I have several tattoos. This past weekend, I took 4 brothers all virgin to tattooing to get their fist. All of them square and compasses. It was a bonding …

the widow's son skull 
According to the letter of the history, by the dead man here recorded is to he understood the dead body of a man, and by his being the only son of his …

Masonic Field Equations 
My right calf tattoo is a modified Masonic Symbol. I am a Mason, but Science is my guiding philosophy in life. So instead of the single letter "G" that …

Awesome Texas Masonic Tatoo Not rated yet
Thanks to Alpha Ink Tattoos in Paris Texas for a job well done. Derek Hubbard was spot on with the design and colors

First Masonic Tat-2008  Not rated yet
Designed this with the help of Firehouse Tattoo in St Robert, Mo..

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Masonic sleeve Not rated yet
I am a B:. from Belgium. I build my sleeve step by step, adding new symbols along the way of my masonic path...

Widows Sons Not rated yet
This was done by my brother Widows Son Scott "Sketch" Harrison.

Ashlar Not rated yet
This was my first Masonic tattoo and first tattoo. I designed it using several different Masonic icons.

PA Past Masters Jewel Not rated yet
I wanted a Masonic tattoo, but also wanted something deeply personal. So I decided to have MY past masters jewel tattooed on my arm. complete with every …

Salt life Not rated yet
I am from the eastern shore of virginia. Salt life. I wanted salt life tattooed on me but with a twist. So I changed the A in salt to a masonic emblem. …

I was always told if you get a tattoo let it tell a story. Here's mine so far... Not rated yet
I'm a little behind as far as getting tattoos of the Masonic bodies I belong to, but more to come .

Jim Not rated yet
Actually, I don't have the true definition of my tattoo. I have a few definitions but nothing concrete, so I could use some help if anyone knows.

Silentio et fide Not rated yet
In my country, us brethren do not really get masonic tattoo, not a S&C or something like that. European masonry is more reserved i guess. Well, im …

Brother from Brighton Colorado Not rated yet
After being declared a proficient MM I decided to cover a really terrible stone dragon tattoo that had faded on my left forearm. The artist was Michelle …

Brother Clayton Helton Not rated yet
1 of 6. First time on the back of the arm. Hurts like hell!! Any Ideas for this one's mate to go on the other arm?

JeremyL23 Not rated yet
Recently was raised to Master Mason. Family history of Masons and i wanted a tattoo of it, long before i was a mason.

My masonic Tatoo Not rated yet
HIRAM... architecte du temple de Salomon c'est pas encore fini... en dessous il va y avoir une lune a gauche , un soleil a droite pour couvrir un ancien …

Master Free Mason Tommy Haney Not rated yet
I like expressing my belonging to such a Great Brotherhood... I don't attend meetings like I should but that is going to change... I am Proud to be a Mason, …

My Square and Compasses Not rated yet
This is my Square and Compasses. It was Tattooed on me by the same Brother who raised me. I hail from Fellowship No. 265, Tampa Florida. The Brother who …

Working tools and S&C's on a Brother from Dunedin Lodge Not rated yet
Brother Robert From Dunedin Lodge Came into the shop as a walk-in requesting this tattoo. After finding out I was also a traveling man we discussed the …

My Square and Compasses Tattoo Not rated yet
I'd been considering getting a tattoo for a few years, but could not decide just what I wanted for a tattoo..... Then one day my fiancée and I saw a picture …

Square & Compass Old School Not rated yet
Jim Duval of Yankee Tattoo in Burlington, VT did this took about 6 hours. I gave him free rein; I wanted the square and compass in there, and …

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