"Masonic info" Searching for information

by Damien
(Melbourne victory Australia )

Hi my name is Damien, 28. I have done a little bit of research on freemasonry but am not sure if I'm heading down the right path, even know I have a fairly strong feeling pushing in. Trying to find out about myself and other people.... Have experienced quite a few, lets say coincident.... And feel I may have a different way of seeing a lot of things... So guess the question is, are we on the same page/ wave length? And if this is the right path will I find what I'm looking for or have an understanding.?.? Thanx you

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Oct 12, 2015
Keep searching
by: Tharn

Your coincidences and such cannot be commented on unless you provide a great deal more information, sorry.

As to the best way to find out more about Freemsonry, you've made a good start by asking here. Almost all legitimate Masonic websites have information and many have forums and what you see there Is generally pretty good.

Your best bet is to find a lodge near you and give them a call. One of their members will be happy to talk to you.

Or have you more specific questions?

Oct 14, 2015
Thank you
by: Damien

I have many more deatails and questions but feel I shouldn't make them public... I have already contacted a lodge and they returned my request.. but I'm confused and still not sure if it's the right path. Guess I should just make the call..... Thank you!

Oct 18, 2016
One last reach out
by: Anonyomus D

Hi I'm 29 now and have really been thlrough a bit lots of layers,ups down! Of late I cannot ignore some of the experience Iv dealt with, some very good friends and some strangers...best way to explain the situation is it like I'm talking to a friend but also someone else asweel,,,,kinda does come Across as a lil strange but it is what it is. may seam a Lillte out the straight line. Don't really want to wright down details but can assure you they where comming from a good place. But feels a bit strange asking even my mate as I'm not reallly aware if they Kew what they was sayIng as such!
Am feeling pretty positive about this but Hopping you Could help with a lill clarity!!

Thank you for you time!

Nov 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

Dear Damien,

First off, sorry to have taken so long to reply - missed your post.

I regret that, with all possible respect, you are talking in such vague terms, using such sweeping generalities, that I doubt anybody not more familiar with your situation could bring clarity to your situation.

We are always happy to help and will try to answer such questions as fall within our scope, but until you start giving some specifics, I'm afraid that all one can do is to wish you luck.

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