Masonic Field Equations

by Stevens F Johnson
(Bemidji, MN USA)

Masonic Field Equations

Masonic Field Equations

My right calf tattoo is a modified Masonic Symbol. I am a Mason, but Science is my guiding philosophy in life. So instead of the single letter "G" that is traditionally in the center, I chose a banner ribbon upon which is written one form of the Einstein Field Equations of General Relativity to lay across the compass and square. (There are 16 interrelated equations built into this single tensor Calculus equation.) The "G" in the middle of the equation is the Gravitational Constant. Gravity is the most far reaching of all the physical forces in the Universe, and it fundamentally describes and controls the very fabric of Space-Time in which we all exist. It represents fundamental Order in the Universe and treats everything and everyone in it scrupulously fairly. This level of Fairness and Respect is what I aspire to in my interactions with others.

My left calf tattoo is Vegvisir, a runic symbol called the Viking Compass or Runic Compass. Translated from Icelandic, it means “see the way,” “guidepost,” or “direction sign.” For the Vikings, it was worn or inscribed on the individual, it’s purpose to guide the wearer safely through storm and fog, to find the way back home. It is intended to be viewed in conjunction with the Masonic Field Equations tattoo on my right calf. Together, they can be read as describing my "Moral Compass," the ethics of Science and the Masonic Brotherhood.

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Mar 22, 2011
Was Albert Einstein a Freemason?
by: Tim

Given Einstein's obvious love of all things mathematical, and Freemasonry's use of geometry to teach some of its moral lessons, it would seem that the two would be a perfect match. Some do say that Albert Einstein was a Freemason, but as yet I know of no records to show that he actually joined the fraternity. Rest assured, though, that if any such records ever do surface we will waste no time in adding him to the list of famous Freemasons.

Thanks for the question.

Mar 21, 2011

by: Anonymous

Interesting. Was Einstein a Mason?

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