Masonic blood oath, Pyramid, Eye of Horus, Knights Templar, etc....?

by Anonymous

What if a Mason reveals the secrets and breaks the oath he was bound to?

Also, why is the Masonic symbol in the shape of a pyramid?

Is the all seeing eye the Eye of Horus?

And, why do 33 degrees know more about the organisation than the first degrees?

Shouldn't one be allowed such knowledge?

Also, are the Knights Templar part of Freemasonry, or did they create it?

When people make a triangle with their hands is it Masonic and if so what does it mean?

I've heard that the third degree is the most fearful thing in someone's life, true?

Apologies for the many questions. ~

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Jan 04, 2015
blood oath et al
by: Fred

I will attempt to answer your questions in the best way i can. To begin, i am a Master Mason, also a 32nd degree. I will take your questions in order for my convenience.
Masonic oaths and obligations are ancient and honorable. We take oaths not to reveal certain infomation to non masons, or to masons of an inferior degree. All masons are 3rd degree masons in what is called a Blue lodge. In the Blue Lodge, the highrst degree is thev3rd degree, that of tge Master Mason. We attain degrees, and the information associated with each degree through certain ceremonies. Each degree is different, and has different information. Being a Master Mason is attained through a learnig process. Each degree carries its own oath and obligation. They are promises made, not to reveal the received information. Its a trust issue. If a mason violates these obligations, he can be expelled from masonry. The penalties are esoteric.
the symbol is a square and compasses with the letter G in the middle. It's the symbol of a master mason. The pyramid is not a masonic symbol.
The eye, is the all seeing eye of God, a symbol that has been used by many cultures for millenia.
The 33rd degree is part of a subset of masonry called the Scottish Rite, it is an honorary degree. A 33td degree does not know more than anyone else, the degree numbers are simply used as steps of learning different things. They mean nothing in the Blue Lodge, which is the base of all masonry.
There is a group within masonry kniwn as the Knights Templar, it is part of a second subset called the York Rite. It was formed to honor the origibal Knights Templar
The triangle eithnthe hands is purely Hollywood. It means nothing.
The third degree is not fearful at all, it is something that is cherished, honored, and not easily attained. One must work for it. It must be earned.
Stop seeking answrrs from those tgat don't know. Ask questions of people who have the knowledge, Masons.
Asking questions is how we learn. Never stop asking. I hope this helped

Jan 05, 2015
by: Justin


Jan 05, 2015
Good questions
by: Tharn

Well, from the top...

If a Mason breaks his oath, he can be reprimanded, suspended or expelled. He has shown that he cannot be trusted and the other members won't want much to do with him. That's all - the ancient physical penalties you hear about are nothing more than symbolic.

As to the shape of the pyramid, it's essentially triangular, and so is that of the square and so is that of the compasses. OK, but so are the basic shapes of spruce trees, chili peppers, mountains, and the points of nails. While Masonry makes heavy use of symbols and while the square and the compasses - individually and together - have great symbolic importance to us, the 'resemblance' to a pyramid is a coincidence, nothing more.

The all-seeing eye has been a religious symbol for millennia in more than a few societies. The ancient Egyptians called it the Eye of Horus, but it was for a long while also a prominent Christian symbol with the same essential meaning - the Almighty is watching. As early Masons were almost entirely Christian, it came into their symbology from Christianity, not ancient Egypt. While it is not a major Masonic symbol anymore (to the same extent as the square and compasses), it remains as a reminder that our actions here on earth are being watch by One to whom we will all eventually have to answer. Incidentally, putting it into a triangle had for Christians the additional solemnity of the triangle being a symbol of the Trinity. Sometimes a 'halo' (more properly referred to as a 'glory') was added to indicate holiness.

Fred has covered the 33rd degree question well. Look on it like a high school in which the seniors may if they wish choose to join various extracurricular activities like the chess club, the football team, the debate club, etc. While all these groups may offer different benefits, no member of any of them, not even the captain of the football team, is in reality anything more than a Grade 12 student. Being president of the stamp club gives you no authority over the rest of your fellow-students. Similarly, membership in the various concordant bodies, while it may bring a certain social cachet, gives no authority or power over anyone else. Nor does a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason (an honourary degree awarded for long and excellent service to the Rite) bring any particular secret knowledge.

The history of the Templars is fascinating, if you are into that sort of thing, but the bottom line is that the order was crushed and disbanded in the early 1300s. All kinds of rumours exist about this and that and many charlatans have made a lot of money spreading them to the foolish and credulous, but the reality is that the Order has been dead for over six centuries. In the past couple of hundred years, groups here and ere have adopted the name because it was cool, including one concordant body in Masonry, but there is no connection that any reputable historian or researcher has ever been able to prove.

Fred hit it WRT hand-triangles and the other nonsensical public secret handshakes claimed by some.

You've started your path to real knowledge by coming to the right people (people who know vice those who spread rumours). Thanks for the questions; hope this helps.

Mar 29, 2016
Good Job Gentleman....
by: p_h_square357

As stated before and most importantly...come to the source for true answers...those that don't know can't possibly give you the answer to which you seek..the same goes with everything in life....

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