Masonic Articles, Speeches and Scholarly Papers by and for Freemasons

This page will serve as your portal to more Light. Here we will index Masonic articles, speeches, scholarly papers by and for Freemasons, as well as Masonic toasts and poetry. Consider this the Mason's toolbox and those pages linked to from here the working tools of the Craft. Enjoy!

Freemasonry: A Process in an Event-Fueled Society
Our lives have become a series of events with little regard or attention to the processes that make those events possible. Although the Masonic society is eventful, Freemasonry is what happens during the processes that keep society moving forward.
by: Tim Couch
PM, R.G.L., 32° K.C.C.H., K.T., A.A.O.N.M.S.

Freemason Ritual Techniques for Masons everywhere
A presentation by Everett J. G. Chapman, M.I.P.G.M. California, on the meaning, relevance and importance of Masonic Ritual. Brother Chapman also offers several tips on how to improve your ritualistic skills. 

John the Baptist, one of the two patron saints of Freemasonry
a scholarly essay on the role of John the Baptist in Freemasonry by Phil Elam, Past Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge of Missouri Masons.

Masonic Customs: Then and Now
A discussion of Masonic customs and their relevance to the individual man and Mason into the 21st Century.
Presented at the 59th annual Midwest Conference on Masonic Education by Tim Couch 32° KCCH

The Masonic Funeral Service
Conducting Masonic Funeral Services is as old as the fraternity itself. In the days of Operative Masonry, stonemasons buried their own with great solemnity and reverence.

Masonic Funeral Planning is a guide to help in making your final wishes clear and relieving your family and your lodge brethren of having to guess what you would have wanted.

What are the Freemasons working tools?
Freemasonry uses the implements of operative masonry to teach moral and ethical lessons, but these are only the beginning of the Freemasons working tools.

For more Masonic articles by recognized Masonic scholars from all over the world visit Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry.

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