Looking for the parents of a mason

by Amber
(Collierville tn )

Is there anyway to gain access into a past ancestors mason information? We can’t find who his parents are and we think the information might be in the mason information. Thanks!

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Dec 30, 2019
by: Bob

We don't have what you might call complete information on our members and there is nowhere a central registry.

If you know where a Mason lived, you could certainly ask the local lodge(s) and/or the grand lodge for that state or country. In most places, these are listed in the phone book or online. The amount of data is often limited - name, date of birth, occupation, address as the time of application, marital status, etc.

Good luck.

Dec 30, 2019
Look up mason
by: Fred

Thank you for your question.
To add to the previous answer, the local state grand lodge will most likely not release private information without verifying why you want the information. Although we are not a secret society, membership information is private, as it should be. Be prepared for the possibility that you may not get any information at all.

Good luck with your quest

Fred :.

May 20, 2020
Parents of a Mason:
by: Rick

That's a very good question. If the Mason was from Massachusetts, The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, along with Ancestry.com have put an extensive record of dues cards going as far back as the 1800's if I'm not mistaken.


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