How long does it take for me to reach my 33rd level

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Nov 12, 2018
Not soon
by: Bob

First off, very sorry for the long delay. The owner of this site, Tim, has been having some serious family problems.

There are only a very few 33rd Degree Freemasons, all in a branch of the Craft called the Scottish Rite.

To get there, a man must join the Craft and become a Master Mason. That would normally take a couple of years. Then he would have to join the Scottish Rite and work his way up to the 32nd Degree. That would take another couple of years.

The 33rd Degree is awarded to a very, very few members of the Scottish Rite. Some of its elected leaders are 33rd Degree and some members are given it as an honorary rank of extensive and outstanding service to the Rite. It doesn't, in other words, come quickly or easily.

In any case, reading between the lines, I suspect you think that 33rd Degree Masons have some special power or authority. Sadly, they do not. That's just a tired old myth.

Aug 24, 2021
33rd degree
by: Frex

To add simply to the last post.
The Scottish Rite is an appended body if Freemasonry. That means it’s attached, but does not exist on its own. All Freemasons must be members of a Blue lodge, the base of all Masonic teachings, and the place wherein must appended bodies meet. The highest level in regular freemasonry is the 3rd, or master Mason degree. ALL masons who are members of appended bodies are 3rd degree. Don’t let the degree numbers infer ranking, they do not!!! The Scottish Rite degrees mean nothing in the blue lodge, or the York Rite. They are specific to the Scottish Rote only. There’s no more rank, prestige, money, influence.

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