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Greetings oh wise and wonderful one.

You must be wise, for you found this page. And, the wonderful part is just a given.

Masonic News & Views is a weekly, or thereabouts, newsletter focused on the spirit of Freemasonry, and not alone its letter. I'd like to tell you what you can expect from this e-zine, but to be honest I never know myself. It includes philosophies, observations, musings and tales of life's little tumbles.

My name is Tim Couch and I author most editions of the newsletter. I've been a Freemason since 1998 and while I've been honored with numerous titles over the years my favorite is JAB: Just Another Brother. I find the study and experience of Freemasonry fascinating and rewarding, and I love to share, discuss and explore.

The Masonic News & Views is for entertainment and informational purposes only. There is no fee to receive it and, good Lord willin', there never will be.

To receive the next edition just enter your e-mail address below. Your address will be kept strictly confidential and never sold, bartered, traded or in any other manner made to perform humiliating tricks for the pleasure of others.

Thanks for joining us here at Masonsmart, and I hope to see you down the road.

Fraternally yours,


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If you would like to see previous issues of the Masonic News & Views newsletter you can find links to several of our most recent ones on our Back Issues page by clicking here.

If you're looking for information regarding the Masonic goings on in the State of Missouri our Masonic Calendar page has many of the stated and recurring meetings for Lodges, Clubs and Units in the southwest region of the State. For Special Communications and Masonic Events in Missouri see the MO Masonic Events page.

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