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i was reading through a masonic book and it kept referring to jehova as being their one true god...why is this? I tend to lean toward a gnostic approach of this topic being that jehova is a false god posing as the most high and lucifer was the one that brought gnosis of self and how to remember our true origin, which is that we are from the same source and god is within and without. while jehova (false god) would actually be similar to satan you could say being that he cut himself off from source because he wanted to be god and have rulership and the only way to keep his matrix going is by feeding on peoples energy who are kept in ignorance of their true essence. That being said there is no god to worship but that we are all source consciouness and we should celebrate. While lucifer was the one that brought the knowledge. In short do all masonic lodges (or only some) teach the luciferian doctrine? or is this something that is kept secret?

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Feb 20, 2016
by: Fred

Thank you for your question. I don't know what book you were reading, or for what masonic Rite, but, the Masonic references to Jehova cone from sections of the Hebrew Bible. Masonry has no God of its own, and each man is free to worship whatever God he chooses. We are a fraternity, not a religion. You are misinterpreting whatever text you are reading

Thanks for your time

Fred :.

Feb 20, 2016
Don't overcomplicate things
by: Thane

Thank you for your questions, Ty.

First off, no regular and proper Masonic lodge I have ever hear of worships or admires or accepts Lucifer in any fashion. One explanation for Lucifer is 'light bringer' and a lot of people try to make a connection between that and Freemasonry's use of the word 'light'. To us, it means knowledge, yes, but it also means a spiritual growth and that ties in directly to making ourselves more moral and that in turn leads to our core belief that God (by whichever name and in whatever manner each Mason chooses to worship Him) has revealed His rules to man and expects us to follow them. By being obedient to the Almighty, we feel we can become better men.

In other words, to us, God is not an abstraction or a collective conscienceless, but a real and ever-present Deity, and not an evil one, either.

So, short answer - no. No Lucifer and no 'Luciferian doctrine'. No Satan, either.

Like Fred, I too would be interested in knowing what book you got this out from.

Feb 20, 2016
by: Ty

Thanks for the comments guys, Fred you're right it must have been references..Thane it was out of the ahiman rezon 1975. Thats what i meant when i spoke of lucifer, i did not mean anything evil. I was wondering if freemasons subscribe to the gnostic view of the demiurge. But you pretty much answered my question. thanks again

Feb 21, 2016
No problems
by: Thane

Thanks for that, Ty.

Ahimam Rezon was the curious title (a story in itself) of a book of constitution and rules written by Laurence Dermott c. 1751 for one of two rival grand lodges in England.

It was a very popular book and quite influential. It does not, at least not the copy at my disposal, even mention Lucifer.

Here's where it gets complicated.

First off, the original work has been edited and republished a bunch of times by various Masonic bodies, all of which are independent of each other.

Second, the title seems to have been borrowed for at least some works of similar intent. There is to my knowledge not even a central list of those books.

Third, the words 'Ahimam Rezon' have been used in all kinds of essays and such published by legitimate Masons as part of Masonic education.

Lastly, as nobody holds a copyright on the words, it seems to have been misappropriated by the usual crowd of what we would now call conspiracy theorists, men ignorant of the topic but looking to make themselves look important and line their pockets with the money of the foolish and the fearful.

So, a work called Ahimam Rezon from 1975. Heaven only knows the legitimacy of what you have, which is to say whether or not is is really Masonic and in what context it was written. I am not doubting what you have in front of you, but I will again go back to my original statement, that being that Lucifer is neither mentioned nor credited in any Masonic ritual I have ever heard of. Light, yes, Lucifer, no.

As to gnosticism, there is one old and generally discredited theory that Freemasonry's roots lie there. Not many people cling to that one any more.

We hold that a man's beliefs and his view of the Almighty are between he and Him; it no business of ours to challenge or even question him about his beliefs. From my (admittedly limited) readings, I suppose it would be possible for a gnostic to share some if not many Masonic beliefs.

Good luck.

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