Is Freemasonry right for me?

by Justin Espey
(Hi, short and brief, lol (I tried))

Okay, so I am only 20 which I understand may not be old enough to join. I don't mind that, and I really do have some strong beliefs about how the world works, at least in my mind. I honestly study all the time (lol). It's pretty much what I do.


I have been reading a while about Freemasonry and to be honest it took me a while to take off the idea that was more or less given to me when I was younger, which I get is not an excuse, about what it means to be a Freemason. This took a great deal of understanding for me, and has essentially flipped my whole view of the supposed whole new world order (lol). Although, there are still some things I have wonders about.

I don't mean to disrespect or anything. I have never been a "church goer" and being raised atheist by a once nun-like woman was actually a great thing. I began to see things differently, in fact much differently than people around me. Although, this is not entirely a good thing. I really love the idea that I get when I think of what Freemasonry is but my question is.. vaguely um... when I read about it, to me it seems monotone, in a sense that it is of "religious ceremonies". Which I guess I really have no idea what happens as there isn't much that I have read about Freemasonry.

It took a whole range of emotions that eventually brought me back to this idea time and time again. With no direct question I am finding it hard to see the difference in joining Masonry or joining a church.

Sincerely no disrespect, I am what I'd call a believer all the way. Whereas I see the world as an internal brotherhood, and the sad part (lol) is when I read these websites, even briefly, I get the same idea over and over that there must be more.

I am not about becoming a church goer; finally I am not going to church. I have a very good idea at what god may have been in many different forms, and I have found many things about this even in my own notepads. I have had people come to my door who I feel didn't know any of this, hence mathematics, and it has been hard for me lately to find people on the same path.

I feel like I have cornered myself with the very thing I love, which is why I am reaching out to you today. I just want to know if Freemasonry is right for me. I would appreciate an honest answer from your viewpoint, and please without repeating the question I never asked back to me (lol). Thank you <3.

And, I just realized everybody gets to read my not so discreet email, XD lol. So I add, I honestly learn all the time. It's what I do :p And, I will add I am no longer athiest :) In fact I don't think I could be.

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Jan 04, 2015
right for you
by: Fred

Right for you? No one can answer that but you. To begin, i am a Master Mason. Freemasonry is NOT za religion. It's a fraternity. To be a mason you MUST meet certain criteria, ypu MUST, be a man, of legal age, free born, believing in a Supreme being, be of good moral character, and come to masonry of your own free will and accord. We can not recruit members, it's about quality, not quantity. We are NOT a secret society, we are a society that has secrets, and those are simply memvers only ininformation, which you receive if you join. Depending upon where you live, you can join a lodge at 18 or 21. The best wsy to find out is to check locally. Your question is valid, and brings about many long winded answers. In short, go to your local lodge on the night they meet, and ask them about it.Some of the best opportunities to talk to lodge menbers woild be at a strert fair where they might have a booth, or at a charity function that they host.Go!Ask!!!

Jan 05, 2015
No disrespect taken
by: Tharn

Welll, Fred has covered most of it, but here's my call.

Freemasonry requires all applicants to believe in a supreme being, but they are not required to name or define their beliefs. (In my area, once accepted, a candidate will be quietly asked by one person in private, the reason being that he is required to take an obligation or oath on the book of his faith. A Christian would do so on a Bible, a Muslim on a Koran and so forth. The intent is thus to respect his faith by having the right book.)

The ceremonies are religious in the sense that non-denominational prayers are part of them, in the same sense that many town council or PTA meetings open with a short prayer. They are however not religious in the sense of a church service because their primary purpose is not worship (one goes to a church, mosque or synagogue to worship; one goes to Lodge to improve oneself.) We encourage members to worship in their own faith, but certainly do not keep track or check.

There are essentially two types of meetings. The one is much like that of any other club or group - reading minutes, discussing correspondence, etc, maybe a lecture on something topical. The other type is for initiating a candidate or advancing a member. These are very formal ceremonies and make much use of allegory and symbolism to teach points of morality and ethics (those being at the heart of our Craft). There is normally a 'social hour' before or after, often with a light meal.

Does that help?

Jan 05, 2015
Right for me
by: Anonymous

Yes very much. Thank you :)

Nov 04, 2015
Purpose of freemasonry
by: Florida Mason

I am a Mason, we take a good man and make him better. It's about personal growth and improvement through the fraternity. It is not a church, but you must believe in a supreme being. You can not be a mason unless you are a good man. They do not accept questionable characters and the process of approval is a serious matter to Mason's.

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