Is Freemasonry only for the wealthy?

(a question from Derick in Ghana:)

  • Is Freemasonry only for the wealthy people?
  • Is it a calling for the wealthy or for those who intend to be?
  • And is there a branch in Ghana, where I reside?
  • Is there an age limit?
  • Some say it's evil, how true is it?
  • How does one join? Any requirements in that area?
  • Need to know more about Freemasons in Africa.

Dear Derick,

That's a lot of questions. Let's take them one at a time.

How true is it that Freemasonry is just for wealthy people?

Freemasonry teaches us that no man is regarded for his worldly wealth or honors, that it is the internal and not the external qualifications of a man which Freemasonry regards. Freemasonry is the largest fraternal organization in the world. Naturally, we have some wealthy members but most Freemasons are average working stiffs who are struggling to make ends meet and doing the best that they can. 

That being said, Freemasonry does require a financial commitment, and a man who is not capable of comfortably fulfilling that commitment would be better off investing his time in improving his station in life than in a service oriented fraternity. The Masonic fraternity provides services and assistance to those in need. Therefore, its members are expected to be able to provide for themselves.

Is Freemasonry a calling for the wealthy or for those who intend to be?

Freemasonry is not a calling; it is a lifestyle choice. We choose to live our lives according to the teachings and tenets of Freemasonry. The Masonic fraternity is an organization of like-minded men and women who have obligated themselves to live by that choice.

A person's material wealth has nothing to do with their ability to become a Freemason, or to be a good Freemason. The vast majority of Freemasons are not materially wealthy. In fact, most active Freemasons donate considerable amounts of their time and money to support the various Masonic causes with absolutely no expectation of material return. But, they realize the greater benefit of serving their fellow man, expanding their own horizons, and contributing to a cause greater than themselves.

Is there a branch in Ghana, where I reside?

There is indeed Freemasonry in Ghana. Here is a link to a page on the Website of the United Grand Lodge of England that lists contact information for district Grand Lodges including the District Grand Lodge of Ghana:

United Grand Lodge of England - Districts & Groups

Just click through on the menu tab for Africa and then Ghana. Use the information there to contact the District Grand Lodge of Ghana. They will be best suited to answer your questions and assist you in moving forward.

Is there an age limit to joining Freemasons?

In the U.S., where I am, the minimum age for membership is either eighteen (18) years or twenty-one (21) years, depending on jurisdiction. In South Africa I believe the minimum age is twenty-one (21) years. Unfortunately, I have found no definitive information for this requirement in Ghana. This would be a good question to ask when contacting local Freemasons.

Some say Freemasonry is evil; how true is it?

Freemasonry is not evil. Freemasonry is a belief system and set of teachings designed to better enable a man to live a life of honor, dignity, courage, and selflessness. Every candidate for membership is required to express a belief in the Supreme Being before he can be made a Freemason. While it is not a religion, it is based on religious principles. If any evil is to be found within the fraternity it is the evil that exists in all men, for all men are capable of all things. But, Freemasonry teaches us to circumscribe our desires and keep our passions in due bounds.

How does one join Freemasons? Any requirements in that area?

Things work differently in different parts of the world, but the first step to joining the Masonic fraternity, no matter where you are in the world, is to make contact with a member in your locality. Below are links to help you locate lodges in your area of residence:

United Grand Lodge of England - Lodges & Districts

Grand Lodge of Ireland - Provincial Grand Lodges

Grand Lodge of Scotland - Provincial Grand Lodges

Use these Websites to locate and contact the lodge or lodges in your geographical area and let them guide you in the right direction.

For a general description of the process of joining a Masonic Lodge see our Joining Freemasons page.

Need to know more about Freemasons in Africa

There are several YouTube videos on Freemasonry in Ghana. Here is a link to get you started:
Freemasonry in Ghana on YouTube

I hope this will be helpful to you. 

Fraternally yours,


Are there public Masonic meetings?

(a question from Nitin in Pune City) 

I am very curious about the organization. On the Internet I read lots of good and bad points, and lots of people don't know about it too.

I really don't know whom or what to believe. But, I really want to know about it for myself... So, can I join or attend any sessions or meetings which are conducted by this organization? 

I live in Pune city in (Maharashtra, India)  

Your help would really be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello Nitin,

Thank you for your question and for visiting

Quite often, there are Masonic functions or ceremonies that everyone is welcome to attend. This would be a good way to visit and come to your own conclusions as to what the Freemasons are about.

I'm not sure about the Pune City area but there are many Masonic Lodges in India and hopefully there will be one near you. Here is the Web address for the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of India:

Along the left hand side look for a menu item named "Roll of Craft Lodges." From there you will be able to see if there is a lodge near you. Also, see the menu item named "Regional Grand Lodges in India" to locate the Regional Grand Lodge for your area. Simply contact the nearest lodge or the Grand Lodge and let them know you would like to attend a public event or ceremony. They will be happy to assist you.

Thanks again for your question and the best of luck in your quest.



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