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by Angel
(England )


if I used to believe in the crazy conspiracies of freemasonry for instance, the satanic rituals and blood sacrifices. But, I don't
believe in them anymore can I still be a mason?

in addition, in the UK we have female freemasons, why don't you really have many in the USA?


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Sep 01, 2021

by: Bob

All other things being equal, your previous beliefs would not stand in your way.

As to female Masons, it is, as they say, complicated. The simplest reason, and probably the most solid one, is that it has always been a fraternity.

Sep 02, 2021
by: Tharn

To enlarge on that, the UK may have female Masons, but they are not recognized as regular Masons anywhere else. In the same sense, to be a Mason, you have to believe in a Creator. Lodges in France dropped that requirement long ago and accepted atheists. As a consequence, virtually nobody recognizes them as regular, either; British or US or Australian Masons are not permitted to enter a French lodge.

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