How to date Masons?

by Mar

Hi! I am Mexican but I was married to an American Mason Man. Now I am a widow. I would like to know and date American or German Mason Men. How can I do that? I guess, maybe I can find some of them in "" but I guess there is a sign or something to know that I am looking for Mason Men. What do you suggest? What can I do? How can I do it? THanks.:)

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Nov 02, 2019
Re: How to date Masons?
by: Tim

Hello Mar,
and thank you for visiting

Please accept our condolences on the passing of your husband and our brother.

I have heard of Masons who found their match on '' so that would certainly be an option. I've never used a dating site, (I think my wife would frown on that;-) so I can only offer suggestions unsupported by personal experience. I would suggest adding a note in your online profile to the effect that you would be interested in getting to know a dedicated and sincere Freemason. I'm sure not all Masons who use '' or other online dating sites include the fact that they're Masons in their profile but some will, and especially those who are dedicated to the craft and wish to be upfront about their membership in the fraternity. I would expect that the site algorithm would at least consider this a potential match. In any case, I would recommend that you exercise caution. Anyone can claim to be a Mason, and they often do. I imagine you are aware of the risks involved in online dating, but then there are always risks to meeting someone new.

Another option might be Facebook. There are open Facebook groups where Masons gather to discuss matters or just hangout. You could search for these sites and engage in discussions or conversations. You never can tell where a little banter might lead.

Alternatively, I would suggest checking out the local lodge(s). There are frequently several lodges located within a city. It's not unusual for a lodge to hold or host a function that is open to the public. Most lodges nowadays have a website or their contact information will be listed on their Grand Lodge website. Just do an online search using your town or area and add Masonic Lodge. Then do another search including Masonic Grand Lodge. Besides attending public functions you might consider volunteering to help with fundraisers or other activities the lodge may be involved in. I've never known a lodge to turn away good help.

Additionally, as the widow of a Mason you would certainly be welcome at any open meeting or function. You might also consider joining the Order of the Eastern Star if membership in that organization appeals to you.

I hope this proves useful to you, and we wish you good fortune in meeting a good and loving man. Please come back and let us know how things are going. We're not exactly matchmakers, but we do love a happy ending.:)

Thank you for your question and again for visiting Masonsmart.

Fraternally yours,

Nov 05, 2019
Thanks a lot!
by: Anonymous

Thanks a Lot!

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