How do I properly honor my Grandfather

by Michele R. Fee
(Surfside Beach SC )

My Grandfather passed in 2010, I knew he was a Mason and made sure he had the Masonic rites and some of his Brothers from the local lodge at his funeral. It was then that I found out he was a Shriner and more? He was not a member of the local lodge, his Fez says Moracco, he paid his dues, donations etc... in Florida I would have to look where I sent what he requested while handling his Estate I can't think of it all of the top of my head. Not sure exactly what was ment because it was not explained. This is NOT my question as my Grandfather was ALWAYS MORE than most people knew. I would love to know if it would not dishonor him to ask. My Grandfather was a wonderful man who was misunderstood by most, to most he was a grouchy mean person who rarely "spoke" love to those of us who knew him well knew he showed his love in different ways he only told me he loved me twice in my 40 plus years with him, but he showed it regularly with his what I once thought to be silly gestures and over protective actions, I lived with my Grandparents in my teen years. Those of us that knew him well knew the grouch in him was more the pain of extreme loses and his experience in WWII. I dearly love my Grandfather and I want to honor him and to do so correctly. His fez, apron, book and a few other are still in my possession, heartbrokenly however his ring and other jewelry pieces werebstolen pawned & (supposedly melted down) before I found out where it was panwed. What I'm looking to find out is how do I properly display, if proper to do so, the items I do have. The book does say to return upon his death but i wad told by a local brother's wife (I believe) that was not necessary and I could keep it if desired. I guess my question is what DO I DO with these items that would not only make my Grandfather proud but also honor him? I did try to upload pictures but could not, I could email pictures or ?

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Apr 14, 2019
Re: How do I properly honor my Grandfather
by: Tim

Dear Michele,
thank you for visiting Masonsmart, and please accept our condolences on the passing of your GrandFather and our Brother. It sounds like he was an interesting man and a good Grandfather.

Bottom line: The items belonged to your Grandfather and now they belong to you. Likewise, the decision as to what to do with them belongs to you as well. My recommendation would be to keep them safe and keep them in the family. My own Grandpa, a Mason, passed away when I was still just a boy. Years later, I became interested in the Masonic fraternity and eventually became a member. I knew that he had been a Mason, and I always wished that we could have shared the experience together. My Grandma gave me his Masonic ring, and my Aunt and Uncle, who purchased the ring for him, graciously allowed me to keep it. Some years later, another Aunt presented me with some of his Masonic books. These items are among my most cherished belongings, and I pray that someday I will be privileged to pass them on to a family member who will treasure them as I have.

My suggestion would be to keep your Grandfather's Masonic items, cherish them, protect them, use them to keep his memory alive. Someday a family member, perhaps not even born yet, may develop an interest in Masonry. I can imagine no higher honor than to receive those items and learn about the man who owned them, studied them, and labored to improve himself through them.

In the meantime though, what to do with them? Well, you could do what my wife has been after me to do with some of my Masonic memorabilia. Build, or have someone build a shadowbox to display the items as well as protect them. The box could hang on a wall or sit upon a shelf, and remind you of your Grandfather every time you see it.

Thank you for your question, and for your wish to honor your Grandfather and our Brother. I feel sure he would be both proud and pleased by your desire to do so.

And, thank you again for visiting Masonsmart. Fraternally yours,


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