Grampa's Masonic Bible

I just inherited my Grandfather's Holy Bible. He became a mason in 1949 in New York. When he died they stood honor guard for him. I was too young to understand but I am curious about the bible. I here that the mason's were evil people who murdered others. This I saw on TV and I know my grandfather was not like that. Please give me the truth as I was very proud of him. The book came from my father's estate. Grampa has one of the mason's symbols on his headstone. Please write back to let me know.

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Jun 13, 2016
Grandpas bible
by: Fred

Thank you for your question. If you want to know what masonry is all about, ask a mason. TV, the Internet, are hardly reliable resources. In short it's a fraternity.

As far as the Bible, all Mason's who become master Masons, receive a bible. In most cases it's s King James Version, with appendices that refer to Masonic references.

You should be proud of your grandfather, and keep his bible as a memory of him.

Several others will most likely answer, most are Masons, take what we say to heart


Jun 14, 2016
It's Your Call
by: Anonymouslant

My sympathy at the passing of your grandfather.

Yes, it's claimed by some that we're evil, devil-worshiping monsters who secretly rule the world. It's also said that the planet is hollow and inhabited inside by descendents of Atlantis, that Adolph Hitler is still alive in a secret Antarctic Nazi base stocked with UFOs and that the Grey Aliens have a secret underground cross-species breeding lab under Area 51.

Think of your grandfather as you knew him. How likely is it that he would have participated in something like that? How likely is that this alleged evil group would issue King James Bibles (for such it is, with the additions of a concordance and such) to its minions?

Few groups have had so many lies told about them as the Freemasons.

To join, one must be a man (it's a fraternity), of mature age and believe in a Divine Being. We don't ask a prospective member to state what or who they believe that Deity to be, merely that they believe in Him. Accordingly, men of all religions are welcome. That in itself is a red flag to bigots and religious fanatics and a lot of the suspicion starts there.

Our purpose is actually to improve outselves morally, to become better citizens, fathers, husbands, employees and so forth. Every Mason swears that he will obey the laws of the land he lives in.

And, oh yes, it's a time to spend with like-minded friends.

Our lessons are taught via symbolism and allegory. As over the centuries we have found that this works best if somebody sees them for the first time fresh, we don't publicize them. And since secrecy is ALWAYS bad, don't you know, it adds to the fire.

Again, think back to your grandfather and make up your own mind.

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