Girlfriend of a potential freemasons

by Britney
(South Africa)

Hi all,

My boyfriend has been talking about joing the freemasons. He asked my opinion on it amd asked if I would be okeh with it. I at first didnt know anyting about it so I started doing research. I found a few sights where they basicly in rough state a women in a freemasons life has to keep her mouth shut and obey every word.
Something about me is, I do not take orders and I do not just blindly believe everything. I am a person with my own mind. I do listen and try to understand everything but I am my own person and form my own tipe of opinion on stuff. I dont like it that some of the sites say that no matter what I dont have a say in a lot of stuff (basicly i have to cook,clean, feed him and thats that)

Is this at all true?

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May 10, 2019
No, it's not true
by: Bob

You can find a thousand claims of anything on the internet. Freemasonry is one of those things which some people love to hate. The claim that women are required to be a servile wives is pretty far down the list, actually. We’re also accused of Satanism, human sacrifice, plotting to take over the world, murder, treason and a whole lot of other very nasty suggestions.

In reality, Freemasonry is at its heart a system of morality which uses some very old symbols and allegorical tales as teaching tools. Masons are required to obey the laws of the land they live in and are encouraged to worship according to the faith they were brought up in, to behave morally and properly to those around them and to be better citizens, better fathers and husbands. It’s easier to be a good person if you regularly meet with people with the same goals.

And, along the way, we make friends. That, too, is a good thing, I think.

Nowhere, in no Masonic document I have seen in 40 years as a Mason, is there anything suggesting that a Masonic wife is expected to just shut up, cook and clean. Period. Not one.

That being said, Masons are human beings. Is it possible that there are Masons who expect that of their partners? Possibly. Indeed, given that there are millions of Freemasons, it’s quite likely. There are probably far, far more happy marriages however.

And here’s the thing – those bad relationships are that way because of the two people, who and what they are, not because one of them is a Mason. I suspect that you know of some bad marriages where the man is not a Mason, yes?

But it’s a good question, Britney. Thank you for asking it. The fact that you cared enough to ask, smart enough to look for a second opinion – those things speak well for you.

I hope you and your young man are very happy together.

Please feel free to ask any other questions you might have.

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