You are now entitled to the Freemasons working tools..........

"Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morals, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols."

The truth about Freemasons and one beauty of Freemasonry is that the secrets are kept in plain sight. It's not the Freemason secrets that are elusive, but the willingness to reveal them to oneself.

Freemasonry uses the implements of operative masonry to teach moral and ethical lessons, but these are only the beginning of the Freemasons working tools.

  • The twenty-four inch guage is emblematic of the twenty four hours of the day, which we are taught to divide into three equal parts, whereby are found eight hours for the service of God and a distressed worthy Brother, eight for our usual vocations and eight for refreshment and sleep.
  • The common gavel, used by operative masons to break off the corners of rough stones, is used by Freemasons for the more noble and glorious purpose of divesting our hearts and consciences of the vices and superfluities of life.
  • The plumb admonishes us to walk uprightly in our several stations before God and man.
  • As the square is an emblem of virtue, so should a Freemason square his actions by the square of virtue with all mankind.
  • The level inculcates equality, for he who is placed on the lowest spoke of fortune's wheel may be entitled to our regard.
  • The trowel, used by operative masons to spread the cement which unites a building into one common mass, is used by Freemasons to spread the cement of Brotherly love and affection.

These are the working tools the candidate is introduced to as he receives increasing amounts of Light in Masonry, but there are many more working tools available to the diligent Freemason.

The Masonic speeches, articles, and book excerpts contained within MASONSMART are working tools to help reveal, excavate, examine, test, and prove the Freemason secrets within you.

Masonic Customs: Then and Now
A discussion of Masonic customs and their relevance to the individual man and Mason into the 21st Century.
Presented at the 59th annual Midwest Conference on Masonic Education by Tim Couch 32° KCCH

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