Freemasons belief in a higher power

by nick

Since you have to believe in a higher power, would somebody who legitimately believes aliens created us be accepted?

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Feb 09, 2015
by: Lant

Well, we do not generally ask potential members to define their faith, just that they believe in a Creator.

Bottom line is that if you or a Druid or a Jedi or a Pastafarian apply, it would be up to the lodge in question to decide if you meet the criteria.


Feb 10, 2015
The Highest Power...
by: Tyler

Hello Nick,

and thanks for your interest in Freemasonry.

I think the answer to your question would depend on who you believe created the aliens who created us. And, if you believe other aliens created the aliens who created us, then who created those aliens? If you eventually arrive at a belief in a supreme being who is the creator of all things, then yeah you might have a shot.

Science has proved, as much as anything can be definitively proved, that life can only come from life. Meaning that at some time, somehow, somewhere and someway we and every other life form on this planet received life from some other life form. Following this to its logical conclusion we inevitably arrive at the supreme life form that has always been. Whether we were created by this supreme being or by a being created by Him doesn't really matter. The conclusion is the same: He exists.

Personally, I like things simple so I prefer to believe we are direct descendants from the Big Guy himself. But either way the result is inescapable, God is.

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