Freemasons and the enigmas surrounding them

by Ajinkya Dev

Iv met a few people who have said they are freemasons..and that they would deny that if i ever mentioned it..

Why the secrecy..?

Also iv heard there are rituals..i do not need details..but are there..?

Plus as all know..the masons have been believed to b devil worshipers..altho id like to note that i do not think so and believe in a scientific approach and more than that i want help in finding a direction..want to belong..but with all the stuff going around im not sure..

Plus..iv been told that u can not even tell ur spouse if ur a mason..i dont know how true it confused..k8ndly shed light on these issues..

P.S.: I have more questions..answers to these would suffice fr the time being..and u may chose to igonre any questions that ur not supposed to answer..according to wat iv heard dat is..appreciate your efforts to educate ppl.

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Jan 23, 2015
by: Fred

Those people claiming to be freemasons who say that they would deny it if asked, probably are not freemasons. There is no reason for a member not to acknowledge membership. It's a fraternity.
We are a "members only" type group. The "secrets" are the means by which we can identify member. There ARE rituals, these are actually ceremonial, and used mostly to confer degrees and at funerals. The rituals, with little change, have been used for centuries, an are similar throughout the fraternity. It's like any other fraternity, a mrmber must "earn" his degrees, and everyone goes through the same routine.
Those eho believe thatvthat we worship the devil are misinformed, we are NOT a religion, nir a religious group. The only religious "requirement", is tghat a Freemason believe in a Supreme being. We do NOT specify which one eaxh member can worship as he sees fIt. Devil worshipers and Athiests cabcan not becone Freemasons, as all oaths are taken in the name of God.
You can absolutely tell ypur wife tgat you are a freemason, my wife was present during my initial interview. There is, in fact, a masonic group for women kniwn as the Order of the Eastern Star.
Do yourself a favor, and continue to ask people who actually know the answers rather than those who claim to know. There is misinformation being passed out on multiple sources, that people are accepting as truth. I hope this helps

Jan 23, 2015
by: Lant

Fred has nailed most of it.

I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the word 'rituals'. It doesn't have to mean religious, nor sinister. As an example, look at how a visiting head of state is greeted on arrival. Somebody rolls out a red carpet, the VIP appears in the airplane door, a band plays the appropriate national anthem while a military guard of honor presents arms, the VIP is greeted at the foot of the stairs by a national representative and the ambassador, the VIP inspects the military guard... That's a 'ritual'. Think how a public school class opens every morning, how girl guides start their evening - more ritual.

All ritual is is a set way of doing things. In our case, Masons use a very old set of, oh, call them short plays to teach new members our moral philosophy. They have proved very effective over the centuries. (Actually, one reason we don't publicize them is because they woudn't be nearly as effective if the candidate already knew them.)

Jan 15, 2018
What Freemasonry is NOT
by: Dr.S. Padilla Jr.,M.D., Past Master

I highly recommend to go to bookstores or library and get a copy of a soft-cover book entitled "Freemasons for Dummies" and read it. It may not define for you what Freemasonry is but will definitely show you what Freemasonry is NOT

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