Freemasonry and Mysteries of Races

by Tiffany
(New York, NY)

Well, I assume it may be of no mystery to you... the "races" I'll ask you about. But first, I want to thank you so much for creating this site, and just being so open. I've been pondering, I know freemasons have much knowledge that we (the public) do not know. So, here's what's been bugging me... I'm sure you may have heard of Antarctica... the "Inner Earth" Agartha... and there's races (giants, flyer ships, a variety of being, etc.) that live within. So, at first it sounded crazy but also a fantasy that I have long played in my head since I was a child! That it's actually true!! But I can't help but wonder, is it true? Are there races/alien races/ANY race living beyond the Arctic ice where there is no ice and green land and temperatures are about 70 degrees? Color me crazy, but I believe in alien races out there, plaenarians, and some may live among us. Hitler and his men apparently, have been Argartha! Admiral Byrd has lead a group to the Arctic. All I'm seeking is truth. This information seems so fantasy-like (especially to others which is why I understand it being in "secrecy"), but I would love a confirmation. I just want to know. Of course, if you're able to answer. If not, I understand. If you can't but could give a hint, that'd be great too. I just thank you in general for considering.

Best regards,
Tiffany M.

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Feb 12, 2017
Truth about truth...
by: Lant

Dear Ms Tiffany,

Thank you for your question. I must, I fear, correct you however, for it is clear that you, like many others, are not looking for the truth. The truth is often too ordinary to be satisfying, too banal to be believable, too flat to be interesting. So it is tempting to look for something else...

What you are actually looking for - as you say - is confirmation, confirmation of an idea which appeals to you. And, in the absence of support for that idea from any but the most moon-driven fringe, you have come here. Why? (And I ask that without mocking, truly, for you have a lot of company.)

You came here because Freemasons are also mysterious, because there are a lot of wacko theories out there saying that we rule the world, control the IMF, have our own passkey to those legendary alien biolabs under Area 51 and so forth. And that means that we must know...

The reality, Ms Tiffany, is that we don't have such a key, don't control the world and know no more than anybody about Antarctica, which is to say that it is a wickedly cold desert uninhabited by anybody but penguins and the odd shivering researcher. And as for 'hollow planets', this one you and I live on has a very solid core made of 5,000° iron, covered in turn by molten rock.

Speaking of researchers, yes, it is a matter of history that Nazi Germany (along with Britain, the USA, France, Japan, Australia and others) sent an expedition there. The 1938 voyage was actually the third German expedition, the first being in 1901 or so. It was looking for a site for a German whaling station - it failed. Further, there's good evidence of Hitler's movements throughout his political career - Germany, France, Austria, Poland and so forth. Not Antarctica. Not once.

And yes, Richard Byrd (who incidentally was a Mason) explored both the Arctic and the Antarctic. And that proves... Nothing, sorry. He was an explorer, a Navy pilot, a brave man, but hardly anything Argathian. (To be honest, I had to look that name up.)

Now, Ms Tiffany, there is the Truth for you. Really. I suspect however that you won't believe it. It's hardly Dan Brown material, is it? Not spooky, not mystical, not exciting.

Just true.

Feb 12, 2017
by: Gred

There is hardly anything that I can add that my brother Lant hasn't already stated so eloquently. The truth is that unless a scientist, such as Admiral Byrd is a Mason, there would be no affiliation to anything happening in Antarctica the relates to Masonic knowledge. Unless several are there at the same time, which I suppose could happen, there wouldn't ever be a Masonic meeting.

Please, continue your quest for truth and knowledge, as that is what our institution is all about, and the quest does honor to all involved, but please accept the truth for what it really is. Boring, and dull.

If you want any more information about freemasonry, please do not hesitate to ask, we're all happy to share what we can.

Fred :.

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