Financial obligations for Freemasons

by Ronald


One of my relatives works in a Freemason retirement home despite not being one himself. I've been interested in joining for a while, especially after researching about it. One thing I couldn't find that my relative mentioned was that, upon joining, once you pass, do a majority of the assets go to the Freemasons? I'm just a little confused about this, but also concerned. As as outsider looking in, I can understand if an organization is very impactful in my life, it's customary to return the favor. I don't mind that, but is that true, a majority of my assets go to the Freemasons rather than whoever I choose to pass them onto? I've been told this is false by another relative who is a Freemason but I've been a member of a Fraternity and during recruitment I can understand if there are portions that aren't explicitly said but this is one of my only concerns before reaching out to a lodge in my area.

Thank you!

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Nov 12, 2018
by: Bob

Very sorry for the delay in ressponding. The owner of the site has been dealing with some serious family issues.

The short answer is No. Freemasonry has no legal or moral claim on any portion of a member's estate. (It would be nice to remember one's lodge in one's will, but that's as far as it goes.)

Just another myth, sorry.

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