does this about sum things up?

by Mathtew
(Los Angeles)

Freemasonry is not a religion and no worshiping of any sort goes on in the meetings. Freemasons recognize that a person's relationship with his/her own deity is private and let people decide what something means using your own brain and knowledge of the language you get your information from. If you read a sentence in your native tongue then no one can really tell you what that sentence was. As such, when you read the koran you don't need another human being to tell you what you just read. Their message may not be the same one you got out of it. In understanding just that one thing a person may begin to understand what liberty truly is.

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Nov 12, 2018
It's complicated
by: Bob

First off, very sorry for the long delay. The owner of this site, Tim, has been having some serious family problems.

In response to your question, your first sentence is just about correct. Freemasonry is definitely not a religion.

We do however say non-denominational prayers in lodge. So do other groups like town councils, etc.
With respect to the rest of your analysis, no, not really. While we encourage each member to attend the church of his choice, we would never go so far as to tell him any of the things you state. Again, all that is a matter of individual choice, something not for us to comment on.

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