Does being a relative mean anything ?

by Tresa loveless
(North dakota)

My grandfather was. 33rd generation freemason . I don't know anything really about that area if his life. Hin and I were very close and my whole life. He told me he was a Mason and his rank but that's it. Never a word more to me or anyone. He died at 94yrs old in oct. Of 2104. So now, my question is : I want to know if I am able ,allowed and if it's even possible to find out more? Would him being a Mason help me in any way to being one. My Grandmother also deceased 12/2019) was a rainbow girl. Sorry not sure if that's the correct term for her . I'm guessing her mother and father were also associated as well. I had once came across a small boom with a handbook, a sash , and other items that I cant recall now. I never had the chance to even look thru it all before it was all stolen. Very disappointing had really hope to finally learn more about it all. Does having so many people involved with them help to benefit me in any way? Whether it be to help if wanted to become part if it all or could I go to them (if I even knew where to go ) and seek help with something ? Would they welcome me because of my family connections? Do masons really have alot to do with running our country? I know he was in oklahoma when he left the military after WW2. And he went to california. I have no idea which specific kind of mason he was.? Or what it meant for him that he was a 33 rd gen. Mason?

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Apr 08, 2020
Hello, Ms Loveless
by: Bob

First off, sorry for your losses. Your sound very proud of them.

A 33rd Degree Mason is a very senior member of the Scottish Rite, a concordant body of Freemasonry. It is a rank granted for extensive service to the group.

Rainbow Girls is a girl’s group sponsored by Freemasonry.

You might contact the grand lodges of Oklahoma and California to obtain more information about your grandfather. Just look on the Net for contact info. They’re used to this sort of inquiry, I’m sure.

Freemasonry is a fraternity, open to men only. There is however an associated co-ed body called the Order of the Eastern Star; as the granddaughter of a Freemason, I believe you would be eligible to join. Contact the OES in your area for more info: again, check the Net for contact info.

While many people would like to believe otherwise, I’m sorry, but your relation with your late ancestors brings you no privileges or power. That’s just a myth.

Yes, a number of former presidents and other leaders in the USA have been Masons, but the last Masonic president was Gerald Ford. That we have some major unseen influence is just another myth, I’m afraid, one spread by fools trying to make themselves look important.

I hope that answers your questions. Please ask if you have more and thanks for visiting.

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