do mason help other masons do better in life?

do mason help other masons do better in life?

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Feb 27, 2015
It depends
by: Lant

It all depends on how you mean that.

Given a choice between two otherwise-equal options, most Masons will give the nod to the one run by a fellow-Mason. That said, I have never seen a case where a shoddy product or initiative was supported for such a reason. Above all, The Masonic obligation is to support each other in *lawful* things; illegal favours are not on. In all honesty, I've never been asked by a fellow-Mason to do anything dishonest or improper. That such cases exist there is little doubt, for we are but human beings, but I myself have never seen it.

In another sense, as Masonry at its core is a system of moral self-improvement, then yes, Masons help each other get ahead by encouraging moral behaviour. It's much easier to behave and act properly when you are surrounded by other people with the same goals.

Feb 28, 2015
by: Fred

To expand on Lant's answer, Masons do help each other. We are like a family in many ways, and do our best to be "there" for each other. Also, we take each other at our word, assuming that what we are being told by a brother is the truth. Our Masonic obligations do not permit anything else. We try to frequent businesses that are owned by masons, if possible, because we know that we will be dealt with honestly. Most businesses run by masons deal honestly with non masons as well, as we deal with everyone in the same manner.

Feb 28, 2015
Masons helping Masons
by: Tim

One more point that I think bears making, and a pinch more clarification:

As Lant said, "Given a choice between two otherwise-equal options.." My way of looking at this is that if two people come to me with the same problem and need, and I can only help one I am most likely going to help the one that's a Mason. However, if one's need is greater or more dire then I help the one who needs it most regardless of Masonic affiliation.

The other point I think needs making is that while Masons are willing to help one another, just as natural born brothers will help each other in time of need, we also do not want to be that brother who needs help. Yes, I know my brothers would help me out and be glad to do it, but by the same token I strive to live in a manner that ensures they won't have to. I try to make wise decisions, to live within my means, and to take care of myself and my own. And, I expect them to do the same.

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