Do I need to progress my life to a certain point before joining?

by Timothy


My name is Tim and I live in the Tampa, Florida area. I am now 25 year old. I feel like my question is personal and may require a bit of a back story so bare with the length. When i was younger I was big into conspiracy theories, and learning about the world. I wont pretend to know or understand anything substancial about what the "TRUTH" is. What I have developed a strong understanding of is myself.

Personally I grew up very much on my own with a few close friends discussing our feelings and philosophy and trying to figure out what is all out there. When I was in school I spend much time on the street because my family disagreed with the time I spend at church and teaching a youth group (I no longer go to church or claim a religion because I feel like the church is limited. I do however live through faith in all that i do). On the kindness of strangers and teachers I made it through.

Later in like I becan doing sales and I met a lot of people who gave off a certain difficult to explain energy. They had a way about them and in each of these situations I asked if they were a mason and in each situation their response was yes. This was almost always followed by a brilliant conversation. One asked me what I want out of life to which I answered that I want to be able to help people and learn about the world. He let me know that I would be able to accomplish those things and more as a mason. Another conversation with a different man in 2011 left me with the understanding that I had to get my life to a certain point before I join. I have been focused largely on developing myself since then and have had the pleasure of helping some others I have met along the way.

Recently this past week I was stuck on the side of the road because the gas gauge on my car in broken and I pushed the miles a bit to far. Before long a man stopped and happily offered assistance. As i was about to mention that he seemed to get a special joy oht of helping i noticed a square and compass on his hat and also his ring. We had a brief but wonderful conversation and after being on the fence for some time i've decided that it is for me.

My goal at this point is to go back to school, and become ateacher because many children need help and i was given so much growing up. I also have a love for teaching and it seems to come naturally to me. I would also be able to use my time off and modest lifestyle to travel and learn from people who with no ill intention might now have given me the time of day were it not for the bonds formed through masonry.

My question is would I have to continue to develop my life to a certain point before joining or applying or is it something i can pursue now while i continue down this path of growth.

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Nov 25, 2015
by: Fred

Good morning,
Thank you for your question. A man may become a Mason at any time of his life. The "right" time is different for each man that joins. You are asking the right questions, but can only get limited answers, even here. Your next step, is to find a Lodge in the Tampa area, and knock on their doors. Most lodges publicly display their meeting times. Talk to the members of the lodge.

Fred :.

Dec 29, 2015
by: Christopher E. Christenson

You're so amazing. I don't know how much I can repay you. Please stick by my side.

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