Do Freemasons worship Lucifer, AKA Satan?

by Jumms

I have heard that Masons consider Lucifer, AKA Satan, AKA the Devil, the "Giver of Enlightened Knowledge". Is it true? Also, Albert Pike wrote that Masons try to conceal the truth from non-masons. How can I trust a word you say?

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Feb 16, 2015
How can you trust a word THEY say?
by: Lant

The business of Satanism got started by a French hoaxter calling himself Leo Taxil in the late 1800s. Taxil did a series of articles and books allegedly exposing Masonic evils. He went on the lecture circuit, moved in high society, met the Pope, made a bundle. Then, in front of a packed lecture hall, he confessed that it was all a con; the cops had to escort him out of the hall to keep him from getting lynched.

How can you trust that? Do your own fact-checking. Do some digging on Taxil. It was reported in the newspapers of the time; the hax and the event is a matter of history.

One of Taxil's books contains a 'quote' from one of Albert Pike's books, generally called 'Morals and Dogma', telling very high-ranking Masons that, well, yeah we worship Lucifer, but don't tell anybody. This 'quote' keeps bubbling to the top of pthe antiMasonic cesspool on a regular basis.

The thing is, Pike never wrote it. The quote is just one more bit of Taxil's fraud.

How can you tell for sure? Easy - go on-line, pull up a complete copy of Morals and Dogma and do a word-search for Lucifer. You'll find onoy a couple of references to Lucifer, none of them complimentary or good and none of them anywhere resembling that famous 'quote'. It's pure hokum.

Here's a lesson for you, young Jedi - don't believe any such claim without checking it out yourself. There are a lot of modern Taxils out there, eager for your money and respect. Look at the facts, look at the logic, make up your own mind.

The bottom line is that no branch of Freemasonry worships Satan or Lucifer or any other devilish creature. Freemasons are encouraged to worship in their own faiths, each according to his own beliefs.

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