Do Freemasons worship God?

by Oldendays

What do freemason believe in? Do they worship God?

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Sep 11, 2015
by: Fred

Freemasonry is a fraternity, not a religion. A belief in a Supreme Being is required, but as a group, we do not tell a member or candidate which to believe in. In the fraternity, are members of all religious sects. All lodges are dedicated to God, and all oaths or obligations taken are done so with that premise in mind. Satanists and Atheists can not join the fraternity, as they would not be bound by the obligations.

There is no short answer that can explain things, but if there were, it would be Yes, with an emphasis on each man believing in God in his own way

I hope this helps


Sep 12, 2015
thank you!
by: oldendays

I do appeciate you wormly reply and i do understand now but i more thing i really do need your help i have long search for a lodge in my locality and i knew no body that belong to this fraternity ill be please to join i just love every bit of the love they share and most of all their symbols ill be glade if any marson could come across this and help me out am from Delta state,Nigeria and here is my box [email protected] ones again thank you!

Oct 08, 2016
by: tHANE

To become a Mason in Nigeria, one must contact the Grand Lodge of Nigeria. Here is their website:

Good luck

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