do freemasons go to jail?

by brittney smith
(las Vegas nevada)

I was wondering when freemason get pulled over do they go to jail? Or if a freemason is in the car with other passangers will anyone go to jail?

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Mar 15, 2015
Going to jail
by: Fred

Thanks for your question. In short, yes, Freemasons can go to jail. Being a mason does not put one above the law. If we speed, we are subject
to being ticketed just like anyone else. To say that minor infractions of the law, such as speeding, aren't dismissed when a police officer who is a mason pulls over a mason, would be unrealistic, because it can and does occur, but no mason is expecting it to happen. Our masonic obligations require us to live quietly within the law. There have been instances where masons have been arrested for crimes, and have served time. Generally, when this occurs, the mason who has been convicted, will be expelled by the Grand Lodge of which his lodge is located.

I hope this answers your question.

Mar 15, 2015
You betcha
by: Lant

It's a good question, I think, one tying in to a common misperception.

Tim has it exactly right.

As secretary of my lodge, I have been digitizing 100 years of records and have found references to a number of cases of members being expelled from the fraternity following conviction for a serious criminal offence. I raise this because the men in question - less than a handful over a century, but each one counts - were indeed convicted in court of an offence and did jail time as a result.

There is no Get Out of Jail Free card that comes with a Masonic apron. Were I a judge or a cop and a fellow Freemason tried to improperly use that link between us to dodge the consequences of their own actions, I'd throw the book at them.

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