Deceased father's ring, emblems, apron etc.

My father, a 33rd degree mason, and past Grand Master of New Jersey (1986),recently died. My mother said she remembers hearing something special must be done with his 33rd ring, a medal or pin, and perhaps other items he had.

Will you please enlighten us about the proper, respectful way to deal with these items.

Thanks in advance,

Ruth Duke Pitts

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Jun 04, 2016
by: Lant

First off, my sympathy for your loss. It's obvious even from your short note that he is missed.

I wish I had a happy answer for your question. Sadly, I do not. My lodge periodically receives aprons, regalia and such from families of recently deceased Masons. With some exceptions, there is not much we can do with them. Only a few items can normally be reused and, sentiment aside, much of what we receive is not really very special. My own Masonic apron is almost 40 years old and while I treasure it, it's no more valuable than any other. Dispassionately, it's just an old apron with my name written under the flap.

Now, your father having been a former Grand Master, things might be a bit different. Perhaps the Grand Lodge of New Jersey has a museum which would accept his Masonic items. If not, they might be able to make some suggestions. I would drop them a line. The other option might be to contact the Scottish Rite in that state.

Again, my condolences.

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