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You can not join through this or any Web site...

You can not join the Masonic fraternity through this, or any other Web site. Nor can you join by mail or in any other means except face to face and in the locality in which you reside. Membership in the Masonic fraternity begins locally and it includes examination, investigation and balloting by members of the local lodge that you wish to join.

To locate Freemasons in your geographic locale we would suggest a search of the Web using phrases such as: 'grand lodge' or 'masonic lodge' followed by the city, region, State, Province or Country in which you reside. Most Grand Lodges have very informative web sites that will include links to or information about Masonic Lodges in your area.

If you're still interested or just curious about the process of joining the Freemasons please see our "Joining Freemasons" page for more information.

If you reside in the U.S. and within the State of Missouri you can request a contact by clicking here and submitting the Missouri Freemason Form.

If you are concerned about submitting information using the above form see our Privacy Policy regarding the care and safety of your private information. Thanks.

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