Can women become Freemasons?

by Krastine Kirchoff
(Nashville, AR)

I am a woman who want to become a Freemason. I've researched long and hard to see if women can become Freemasons. Where I am, (Nashville, AR) the closest Lodge is Pleasant Valley Lodge in Nashville. Can anyone help me find out if women can go there and become a mason? Maybe even call them and find out?

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Apr 22, 2015
by: Atharn

I am sorry, but in the same way that sororeties, women's gyms and female professional associations are limited to women only, traditional, regular Freemasonry is a fraternity, a group for men only. There are groups which dub themselves Masonic and which admit women, but they are not recognized as real by mainstream Masons.

Nov 26, 2016
Male Bias
by: Anonymous

Of course they can - the comment by a male freemason are typical of the bias they hls against women

Nov 30, 2016
by: Thane

By your logic, Anonymous, any woman who enrolls her daughter in Girl Guides, who goes to a female-only gym, who joins a sorority or who has a regular Girls' Night Out with her female friends is somehow 'biased' against men.

How very foolish.

Freemasonry is a men's organization. It is possible to find women who claim to be Masons, but they are not regular and not recognized by mainstream Masonry.

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